12 Habits of Happy Women


Women want to know how to be a happy woman as they want to lead a healthy life. The question that needs to be answered is what makes a woman happy in life. Women want to be happy mothers and wives.

Women who want to be happy prefer to adhere to certain norms that enable them to lead a contented life. The question that often arises is how to be a happy woman?

Be healthy, be happy.

A woman needs to take charge of her life. She has to care for herself as well as others like her husband and children. This makes her happy.

Find A Way to Beat Stress

Women do get stressed when they have a lot of chores. Stress is linked to an increased risk of infertility, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety, depression, accelerated aging and premature death. So efforts need to be made to battle stress which women do.

Stress results in frequent headaches. Managing stress is important to be happy and maintain good health.

Say No To Dieting

Diet plans do not help to lose weight at times. It is not a problem of self-control but rather biological changes that happen in one’s body that does prevent one from losing weight. Women need to follow guidelines of dieting that decides what makes a woman happy in life

On a short-term basis, one may lose weight buy dieting but it is likely that one will regain the weight once lost. One has to change one’s eating habits and make the right choices of food.

Bid Smoking Goodbye

Smoking is bad for a person and it is better to quit. It causes lung cancer as well as heart disease and affects would be born babies. Breast cancer can also occur and therefore women in order to stay happy give up smoking.

Start Family Planning Early

A woman’s fertility steadily does decline with age, and getting pregnant at an older age does increase the risk of pregnancy complications. In case one desires to have children. It is better to plan early.

During Hot Sunny Weather making use of Sunscreen

Lack of sunshine can lead to vitamin D deficiency. Calcium absorption in the body improved bone health, and lower the risk of diabetes and heart attack are necessary issues to be considered as far as women’s health is concerned. One needs to take care that one is not over-exposed to the sun.

Take Pills If Required and Watch Calcium Intake

One can take pills if one is deficient in some nutrients for healthy living. Women do take vitamin supplements and this what makes a woman happy in life. Health is wealth as the saying goes.

Rest Well

To answer the question of how to be a happy woman one needs to take adequate rest. One must get good sleep.

Do More Than Cardio

Cardio is beneficial and also weight-bearing exercises. Weight-bearing exercises increase one’s bone mass, improves one’s bone health. In the long-term, it reduces one’s risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Dancing, hiking, aerobics, tennis, and other racquet sports are equally good for women.

For Regular Check-Ups With The Doctor

Women need to go for regular check-ups with their gynecologists for peace of mind.

Early detection of any health issue is advisable. Pap smears and pelvic exams need to be done every 2 years after the age of 21 (or earlier, in case one is sexually active), and breast exams annually after the age of 40.

Stay Social And Have A Healthy Support Group

Healthy social relationships are good for health as it helps protect one’s cognitive functions. On the other hand, a lack of social ties leads to depression and later-life cognitive decline, and increased mortality.

Keep the Brain Engaged

It is important to keep the brain engaged

Straightforward lifestyle changes do make a difference. Exercising and quitting smoking build up cognitive reserve, a buffer that does delay neurological changes, or makes one’s body better equipped to handle such changes. It is good to develop hobbies. The brain gets stimulated by them.

There are several ways on how to be a happy woman.

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