20 Surprising Benefits of Balsam of Peru Essential Oil

20 Surprising Benefits of Balsam of Peru Essential Oil

Balsam of Peru essential oil does help reduce inflammation, prevents infection, wound healing, healthy respiratory system, skincare, dental health, and hemorrhoid treatment.

It smells like vanilla and cinnamon, with perhaps a touch of clove. The oil is dark brown in color and smells good. It does blend well with many other types of oils.

1. Prevents Chronic Diseases

The oil can indeed stimulate the immune system and does help eliminate free radicals throughout one’s body. This can also help in preventing the development of chronic diseases, such as cancer.

2. Prevents Bacterial Infections

It does eliminate germs and bacteria. One needs to apply it topically. It is widely used in the prevention/treatment of scabies, which is often caused by mites.

3. Clears Respiratory Tract

It is useful for respiratory affliction. It is an essential oil that can expel any and all of the collected phlegm, thus clearing out congestion in the respiratory tracts.

4. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

It provides much relief from mental afflictions such as nerves, anxiety, as well as stress. A session of aromatherapy inhalation will indeed allow Balsam of Peru essential oil to induce hormonal shifts as well as reduce the stress hormones in one’s system, thus allowing one to calm down body system.

5. Reduces Inflammation

It has anti-inflammatory qualities ranging from the topical application at the wounds or aching joints to rather internal results of its use in the form of lower blood pressure as well as increased heart health.

6. Diuretic in Nature

It clears the body of toxins, waste, and excess water and fat from their bodies. By inducing urination, the balsam does ensure that one is keeping one’s kidneys working hard and does remain healthy.

7. Hair Care

Balsam of Peru essential oil is often mixed with water and washed into the hair, where it does help to eliminate dead skin cells and also cleanses the scalp, thus preventing the further development of dandruff.

8. Dental Care

The balsam consists of anti-bacterial properties astringent as well as antiseptic qualities. It can help eliminate dangerous bacteria and infections from both the teeth and gums.

9. Fights Infections

When a tree is wounded, it secretes a sticky liquid to heal and protect itself from fungal or bacterial attacks. This liquid is known as the sap, balsam, or oleoresin and it has also medicinal properties. This is why balsamic oils are made use of as antibacterial and antifungal agents in both traditional and modern medicine.

20 Surprising Benefits of Balsam of Peru Essential Oil10. Can Cure Scabies

Balsam of Peru is used to treat scabies caused by mites. The balsam, can be mixed with glycerine and then applied topically on scabies and could also reduce the itching, sometimes within a day. This was because the oil could kill off the parent mite within a few hours. Traditional medicines also hold that it is good for sore, cracked nipples, chilblains, and hemorrhoids. Even now, balsam of Peru is made use of in topical medicines for scabies, diaper rash, rashes in folds of the skin, eczema, anal itching, and hemorrhoid suppositories.

10. Antioxidant

It has therapeutic effects and gets rid of free-radicals throughout one’s body. It also prevents the growth of cancer.

11. Anti-Aging

Being a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting one from free-radicals and protects one from UV radiation which damages skin cells, thus causing wrinkles. One can also suffer from sunspots. It, therefore, prevents the skin from aging.

12. Sore Muscles

Add about 2 to 3 drops of the balsam to 100ml of carrier oil and then massage the painful muscles areas with it. It reduces the discomfort of cramped muscles. Thus reduces the soreness.

13. Antiseptic

It gets rid of bacteria as well as germs. It cures infections.

14. Improves blood circulation and treats rheumatic disorders

Having diuretic anti-rheumatic and antioxidant as well as analgesic qualities the balsam helps in treating rheumatic problems as well as improves blood circulation.

15. Cures Bronchitis and Respiratory issues:

It helps in helping the lungs to get rid of the phlegm and congestion in the airways. It provides relief in one’s breathing. It, therefore, does help in treating cold, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and overproduction of phlegm.

16. Useful for proper digestion

One can have better digestion and thus gets rid of sluggishness, loss of appetite, constipation, flatulence, and other digestive complaints.

17. Hair Health

By combining it with water one can wash one’s hair and thus get rid of dead skin cells and cleanse one’s scalp. One can keep dandruff at bay.

18. Dental Health

It has astringent, antiseptic and anti-bacterial qualities and gets rid of bacteria.

19 Treats Mood fluctuations

It helps deal with mood fluctuations thus making one feel mentally better.

20. It gets rid of negative feelings

To get solace one can add 2 drops of Balsam Peru oil and 2 drops of Benzoin Res oil that can be added to one’s burner, candle diffuser or vaporizer during the practice of yoga, meditation, and Pranayama. This can also help improve self-confidence and positive thoughts.

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