16 Healthy Habit Practices That Are Totally False and Costing You Money

16 Healthy Habit Practices That Are Totally False and Costing You Money

It feels like each day a new study arrives out to say us how we should live our lives. These “foolproof” studies reveal the newest “magic” food to combine years to our lives, or the miracle cure to treat an existent condition. Thus, like everyone else, you understand there will invariably be the study not further far down the road telling everyone the exact opposite. Thus, some studies are unashamedly false & have been scientifically disproven. These sixteen healthy habits are not simply costing you money but may be hurting you in the long run.

1. Using hand sanitizer

Norovirus & C. difficile, two general infections, are immune to sanitizing liquids. If you really need to have clean hands, just clean them throughout the day.

2. Using the standing desk

Some of the Recent studies have found no immediate health benefits other than additional calorie loss when using a standing desk.

3. Avoiding microwaves

Microwaves really do the better job keeping vitamins in the food than ovens.


4. Drinking almond milk

Yes, almond milk includes more protein than everyday milk. Though, it contains only two percent of the regular protein requirements whilst having none of the similar vitamins as daily milk.

Drinking almond milk

5. Juicing

The fiber in fruits has completely removed during juicing. This leaves you with simply the sugar, denying any benefit.

6. Holding breath after somebody sneezes

A sneeze can travel up to two hundred miles per hour. That means it is previously hit the eyes, mouth, or nose.

16 Healthy Habit Practices That Are Totally False and Costing You Money7. Consuming egg whites

Dietary cholesterol from foods you consume each day has light to no impact on the blood cholesterol — except you have the heart condition.

8. Ear candling

Notwithstanding the rumors, this does not release earwax or treat infections. It can really push earwax deeper into the ears.

9. Avoiding MSG

MSG is perfectly safe. The odd feelings you hold at the base of the neck or away are likely completely from consuming too much food in common.

10. Utilizing toilet seat liners

Viruses cannot endure in the open air for extended. When you sit down on the public toilet seat, they are previously dead. Even if they were not, they had died long before they could contaminate you.

11. Consuming several vitamins

Though roughly fifty percent of Americans take vitamins each day, no research backs up the benefit of doing, therefore, even after decades of study.

12. Detoxing

Your kidneys & liver are far more potent than any diet-based system you can improvise. Put away the clean diets & learn to have better.

13. Staying away from gluten

Simply ~1% of the population suffers from the celiac disease (the disease making them sensible to gluten). For the other ninety-nine percent of the population, there has no verified evidence that gluten has the negative impression.

14. Using the recumbent bike

Unless the back requires surgery, these are wholly irrelevant when compared to the normal bike.

15. Taking further much Vitamin C

Anything over two thousand milligrams per day will likely cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, headaches, & other side effects.

16. Consuming simply low-fat foods

After the eight-year study of 50,000 women, those consuming more low-fat diets revealed no lower risk of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, or heart disease, & lost no further weight.

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