15 Home Remedies to Treat Toenail Fungus

15 Home Remedies to Treat Toenail Fungus

The fungus is a popular fungal infection that can indeed be found beneath one’s fingernail or toenail in the form of yellow or white spots under one’s nail’s tip. While fungus can, of course, appear on both the finger and toe but most typically on toes because of the environment convenient for the fungus to develop fast, especially a group of the fungus named dermatophytes.

The fungus can cause one irritation, as it exists on one’s toe or finger, cracks or splits one’s nail, but then will spread out to other parts of one’s body, which is very dangerous; therefore, fungus needs to be treated as soon as possible. In the beginning, there is a fading effect happening under one’s nail’s tip, and then one’s nail does become entirely discolored and also broken down along the edges. When one has to endure fungus, one’s nail will turn yellow causing irritating symptoms such as thickening, swelling, inflammation, pain or crumbling nail or dullness without shine. The main causes for this symptom are continuous exposure to the wet environment, weak immune system, poor hygiene, etc.

1. The Mixture of Tea Tree Oil with Other Kinds Of Carrier Oil

Tea tree oil is indeed applied to cure so many diseases, symptoms including nail fungus. It contains antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. They provide much relief from pain efficiently, destroying the microbes and fungus fast. Tea tree oil is also made use of widely to absorb the bad smell emanating from the cracked nail.


  • Soak with tea tree oil
  • One can prepare some tea tree oil plus a cotton ball
  • One can humidify the cotton ball with some drops of tea tree oil, and then apply it to one’s fungus area
  • One can use the soaked cotton ball to dab gently on the infected
    nail for 10 minutes
  • One can take a toothbrush to scrub on the infected nail gently
  • The next step is that one has to prepare a mixture of tea tree oil with an equal amount of thyme oil or even olive oil to apply on one’s skin
  • Or one can mix 4-5 drops of tea tree oil with water in large bowl, and then one dip one fungus nail in the mixture for a while.
  • One should apply this method twice a day, in the morning and in the evening until one realizes realize one fungus disappears totally.
  • This method also does take effect on one’s toenail fungus.

The second method is meant to cure one’s fungus nail by utilizing the mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil. This is very effective:

  • First, one needs to add some drops of tea tree oil to a teaspoon of olive oil
  • Then, one mixes the oil together and rub it on one’s fungus nail
  • One can leave one’s nail on for a few minutes and then rinse off with water
  • One can dry one’s nail after that and then repeat this method regularly in order to eliminate the fungus nail immediately.

The third remedy that one may try to treat fungus nail is the combination of tea tree oil with orange oil as well as grape seed oil:

  • First, one needs to prepare 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, ½ teaspoon of orange oil, ½ teaspoon of olive oil or grapeseed
  • One mix all of them together in a bowl
  • Then one soaks a clean cotton ball in the solution for a few minutes
  • One squeeze the cotton ball gently to let the liquids spread on one infected nail
  • One leaves one nail there to get dry naturally
  • Reapply this method every day if one can completely get rid of troublesome fungus nail.

2. Make Paste From or Soak Fungus Nail In Baking Soda

Baking soda can be indeed a natural treatment for health problems and symptoms. It is useful for nail problems. The reason why baking soda is so popular like that is it is comprised of the fungistatic compound, which is not actually utilized to kill fungus but very beneficial in improving nail’s situation, thus preventing fungus from developing and also spreading. On the other hand, it also does contain the opposite side of acidic called alkaline which is likely to grow if the environment gets acidic.


  • The first method involves taking raw baking soda:
  • Firstly, one needs to wash one’s hands carefully with warm water
  • One can dry one’s nail with soft as well as dry towel
  • Then one can combine 1 part of water with 2 parts of baking soda in a bowl
  • Stir them well until one can get something such as paste
  • One can use a cotton swab to put the paste on one’s affected nail and let it be there for 10-15 minutes
  • When one is done, one can rinse one’s nail off and dry one’s nail.
  • Repeat this method twice a day till one’s fungus is completely defeated.
  • One will need a few days to two weeks for this process, so it is not strange when seeing one’s nail fall off.


  • A mixture of baking soda with Epsom salt, hydrogen peroxide as well as water:
  • One can actually prepare ingredients thus following the ratio of ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of Epsom salt, ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 4 cups of water to guarantee the highest effect.
  • One does combine all the ingredients and then stir them well and then adds into the solution ¼ cup of white vinegar.
  • Then one has to dip one’s infected fingernail and then toenail in vinegar for about a few minutes
  • After that, one needs to soak a clean cotton ball in the soda solution
  • One can apply the soda solution on one’s nail fungus with a cotton ball and then wrap it carefully to keep it in the required place
  • Remember to repeat this process for every 10 hours to 4 weeks in order to be free from the troublesome nail fungus.
  • One should take this remedy on a regular basis in order to eliminate fungus quickly.

The mixture of baking soda with vinegar:

  • One can mix a cup of either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with enough amount of water
  • One can dip one’s infected area in this solution for 15 minutes
  • When one is done, dry one’s nail with the soft towel
  • Do not forget to take some tablespoons of baking soda and then add enough water in it.
  • One mixes them well to get baking soda solution, soak one’s nail in it for 15 minutes.
  • When one is done, one needs to nail dry with a soft towel and then reapply the method 2 times daily.
  • In this sort of approach, while baking soda helps limit the growth of fungus, vinegar is made use of to kill the harmful fungus. This is undoubtedly one of the best home remedies for nail fungus that one needs to apply.

Baking soda, combined with sodium borate known as simply borax:

  • One needs to take an equal amount of baking soda and borax powder and water, then mix them well in order to create a paste
  • Before implementing the remedy, one has to humidify one’s infected nail and then rub the paste gently on it.
  • Apply this method twice a day and also continue with it for approx. 2 weeks later until one realizes the better result on nail fungus.

3. Coconut Oil for Nail Fungus

Coconut oil helps to cure problems related to hair, skin etc. It can be used for healing of the hair and skin. It causes disintegration and destruction of fungus.

Let one’s nail absorb oil and also be dry naturally

Remember that one needs to wash as well as dry one’s hands clean between each application

Reapply the methods from 2 to 3 times a day until one can see the better result on one’s nail. Actually, if one wants to own a set of shiny as well as the clean nail in order to prevent fungus symptoms later, one can also apply coconut oil

15 Home Remedies to Treat Toenail Fungus4. Orange Oil Directly or Mix with Grape Seed Oil

It is a natural anti-fungal and widely applied to toenails in order to cure the infection. Making use of orange oil for fungus nail in order to make it easy for one, the use of a dropper is required to apply it on nails and toes. One must make use of pure orange oil for one’s fungus nail, as sensitive skins can get affected. When facing this situation, one needs to combine orange oil with the natural carrier oil such as olive oil or grapeseed oil at 1:1 rate. However, before making use of orange oil on one’s fungus nail, one needs to test it on one’s skin to avoid unexpected citrus allergies. Basing on rate 1:1, one can prepare an equal amount of orange oil with enough amount of grapeseed oil

One can mix the oil together and then also use the solution to apply it on one’s infected nail

When one is done, let it be dry naturally for a few minutes and also repeat the process as gradually one can do so till one gets complete relief of fungus on one’s nail.

Another approach:

  • One can pour orange oil into a dropper
  • Then, one can use it to apply orange oil between or under one’s nail
  • One can gently rub the oil on one’s nail and wait till it does get dry
  • Reapply this method about 2 times a day to completely get rid of nail fungus.

5. Home Remedies for Nail Fungus – Take Use of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is loaded with a large number of beneficial properties such as antiviral, anti-parasitical, analgesic, antiseptic as well as antibacterial compounds, oregano oil does help to heal infection on one’s nail as well as provide it with unbelievable shiny appearance. One can combine oregano oil with another kind of oil such as olive oil for fungus nail elimination.

  • One needs to mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 2 drops of oregano oil.
  • Mix them well together, and then prepare a cotton ball or a dropper in order to apply the solution on one’s fungus affected nail.
  • One should apply this method once a day for about 3-4 weeks to get the strongest nail.

6. Soaking Fungal Nail in White Vinegar

This kills fungus on nails without causing any sort of side-effects. It helps gain pH balance in order to eliminate fungus problems:

  • Mix 2 parts of warm water with 1 part of white vinegar.
  • Mix them well ad also dip the fungus affected nail in the solution for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • In case of irritation in hail add more water to the solution.
  • Reapply this method for good results.
  • Be sure to wash it off and dry well.

7. Apple Cider Vinegars

Apply this as it contains mild acidic nature thus having to fight against the fungus problem. It can fight against bacterial and prevents it from spreading to other parts of the body.

First approach:

This is in the form of a spray. Mix a tablespoonful of ACV along with a cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. At night spray the content underneath the affected nail to cure it of the fungus. It will gain its natural look again.

Second approach:

  • Prepare ACV and water of an equal amount
  • Mix them together into a solution
  • Soak the fungus affected nail in this given solution for at least half an hour.
  • Dry the nail thoroughly
  • Repeat this method every day for at least 4 weeks for best results.
  • Third method: CV and Rice Flour
  • Form a mixture of these items by:
  • Mix ground rice with some ACV.
  • Stir it into a paste and apply it on the affected part.
  • Scrub the area well to get rid of dead skin cells for the skin to be soft.
  • Do this process again to prevent the growth of fungus and also to get rid of it quickly.

7. Clove of garlic extract juice:

Garlic is often regarded as an important diet item and it is good to treat nail fungus. It contains allicin and ajoene which help heal fungus issues.


  • Prepare about an equal amount of garlic oil as well as white vinegar and mix them well.
  • Apply the solution to the affected part and let it be with the use of the clean bandage.


  • Crush 2 to 3 garlic cloves.
  • Mix crushed garlic with about 2 tablespoonfuls of olive oil
  • Let the content steep for about one then do apply it on the affected part.
  • Let the area absorb the application without touching it.
  • One can eat a garlic clove each day.

8. Lavender Oil

It has antiseptic properties.

• Apply the oil directly before going to sleep on the infected nail.
• Let it soak the entire night.
• Wrap the fee in socks or a bandage.


• Mix lavender oil and tea tree oil in equal quantities.
• Mix them together and warm it.
• Soak a cotton ball in this mix.
• Dab the affected part and surrounding areas gently every night before going to bed.
• Let it be overnight for relief.

10. Lemon Juice Extract

It has citric acid. It has antifungal and antiseptic properties.


• Take a lemon and squeeze out the juice and then apply it on the nail fungus.
• Let the nail absorb the juice for about 10 to 14 minutes and then wash it with tepid water.
• Then dry up well and repeat the process for the month to ensure the full recovery.


• Take lemon juice and olive oil of equal quantity.
• Mix them and apply the solution to the affected part
• Gently massage the nail and surrounding area.
• Let it remain and then reapply.
• Lemon juice gets rid of the fungus infection and olive oil gives a soft touch to the nail.

11. Olive Leaf Extract

It prevents the spreading of the fungus.

• Take some olive leaf extract and then apply directly to the infected nail.
• One can have it in a capsule form.
• Repeat till the fungus disappears.

12. Natural Lemongrass

It gets rid of the unpleasant smell of nail fungus. One can combine it with the carrier oil.

• Wash hands thoroughly.
• Add about 12 drops of lemongrass oil in 1 ounce of carrier oil.
• Apply the mix to the affected part.

One can drink lemongrass tea every day about 3 times. One can reuse the bags for the infected areas. It helps heal the nail fungus.

13. Salt or Combine Olive with Salt

• Pour water good amount of water in the basin and soak one’s feet.
• Use hydrogen peroxide in order to supplement the water and then soak one’s toenail
• Take out the feet after one is done with and place some sea salt on the toenails
• Let it be for about 3 minutes.
• Place a cup of ground sea salt into one’s basin.
• Dip one’s feet again in the solution and let them soak for half an hour. This will get rid of the fungus. The nail will also become stronger.


• Mix salt with olive oil.
• Stir them well till the salt gets absorbed.
• Dip the infected nail in the solution.
• Repeat twice daily and reapply it till fungus is got rid of.

14. Listerine Mouth Wash

It has antibacterial properties. It kills germs. It is a powerful antiseptic. It can be used to cure nail fungus.


• Prepare a tub and pour Listerine mouthwash in it.
• Supplement it with undiluted lemon juice as well as vinegar.
• Stir them and then dip the affected nail in it for 10 to 15 minutes.
• Scrub and pat dry well.
• Repeat the process every day.

15. Corn Meal

  • In a big sized container pour about 2 quarts of water into a cup of cornmeal.
  • Let it dilute in water for about 1 hour.
  • Soak feet the infected nail in the mix for about 30 minutes or even more.
  • Repeat the process once a week.

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