10 Things Not Known About Will Smith

10 Things Not Known About Will Smith

Fans would be keen to know more about interesting facts about Will Smith and these 10 interesting facts about Will Smith tell us more about his unknown side.

Will Smith can boast about the film, I Am Legend as it turned out to be a hit in 2007. It is one of the interesting facts about will smith that people need to know more about.

Will Smith has been acknowledged as an actor, rapper, and film producer who has been ranked as the most bankable star worldwide by Forbes.

It is worth knowing more about interesting facts about Will Smith. Focusing on 10 interesting facts about Will Smith, the reader gets to know the famous star better.

1. Will Smith did originally approach Guillermo Del Toro to direct but he then decided to make Hellboy II instead. Yet, Del Toro’s influence can in fact still be seen in the finished film.

2. Willow Smith, hair whipper, spiritual prophet, and daughter to Will, has made a brief appearance in this particular film.

3. About a week into the given shoot, director Francis Lawrence did feel that the prosthetics that were made use of on the infected were rather unconvincing and a decision had to be taken to go with CGI instead, which did mean that the budget shot up and the film had ended up having a longer production.

4. There is in fact a rather fascinating alternate ending to the film which does place an entirely different spin on the film. During the climax, it is revealed that the infected male is just trying to save the infected female from being made use of for experiments in Neville’s basement.

5. It was not really going to be the Fresh Prince in the lead role. Other actors who were mooted for the part have included Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson along with Michael Douglas.

10 Things Not Known About Will Smith

6. But the nearest point that I Am Legend ever got to the screen pre-Will, came from Ridley Scott who was rather set to make the film with Arnie back in 1997. Production was in fact oriented towards the goal which included a script from Mark Protosevich (The Cell) which had no dialogue in the first hour and a bleak ending. But after the budget ballooned and Scott and Arnie were in fact noticed as a box office black spot at that time, it was rather canceled. A person can see the early infected design which was scrapped here.

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7. Will Smith in fact developed a dog crush on his co-star Abbey, aka one of the dogs that acted as Sam, and even tried to adopt her but the dog’s trainer did not allow him to do so.

8. The epic-based flashback scene involving the collapse of the Brooklyn Bridge cost a whopping $5 million. It did involve 14 government agencies, a 250-plus crew, 1,000 extras, and 160 members of the National Guard. It took bout ix nights to film.

9. There is in fact an oddly prophetic in-joke during a scene in Times Square where a billboard for a Batman as well as Superman movie can be seen in the background. You can see the whole clip here.

10. At the time, the film did manage to break the record for the biggest box office opening in December in the US ever with $77.2 million. It lasted up until 2012 when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey did open up with $84.6 million, with some help from 3D and 400 more cinemas.

These 10 interesting facts about Will Smith do make him stand out.

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