10 Reasons why Dried Figs are good for health

10 Reasons why Dried Figs are good for health

Figs are well-known fruits in India and also called as anjeer. In fact, these are one among the earliest fruits produced by humans. Their dried fruits are more broadly available as the season of this fruit does not remain all year round. Having a dried fig is a completely new experience if you have consumed simply the fresh fruit. Let us know about the multiple health benefits it offers. Below explained regarding 10 Reasons why Dried Figs are good for health

Dried Fig fresh fruit health benefits:

1) Assists in enhancing digestion

Figs have consisted of excellent fiber content. Just three pieces of dried figs have five grams of fiber that accounts for 20 percent of the suggested daily requirement of fiber. Being the natural remedy, they prevent constipation & other digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

2) Aids in weight loss

Yes, Dried Figs aid in weight loss. They are plentiful in fiber & also low in calories. One dried fig has forty-seven calories. The fat content is too pretty low just 0.2 gram per dried fig. It gives a perfect weight loss snack. It is extremely better than consuming empty calories.

3) Assists prevent hypertension

The sodium level in the body improves when you consume more salt. The sodium & potassium equilibrium of the body gets disrupted and that tends to hypertension. Dried Fig is the ideal fruit to support restore this balance. A dried fig has about 129 mg of potassium & simply 2 mg of sodium.

4) Loaded by antioxidants

Dried figs are well known to be plentiful in antioxidants. One of the studies about this advises that dried figs (anjeer) have loaded with extra antioxidants than fresh figs. Antioxidants in dried figs are of superior or excellent quality called phenols when related to other fruits that have antioxidant characteristics because of the presence of vitamin C & E.

5) Prevents heart disease

Because of the presence of ample of antioxidants in dried figs, free radicals has expelled out that can damage the blood vessels & can drive to heart disease. Like said earlier, it prevents hypertension that is a tremendous risk factor while it comes to the heart disease. Some of the studies stated that dried figs decrease triglyceride levels, offering busting to heart health in a huge way.

10 Reasons why Dried Figs are good for healthWhy Figs Are Good For Health?

6) Aids in preventing cancer

Cellular DNA damage due to free radicals that has prevented by consuming Figs because of the presence of antioxidants. This helps to prevent cancer.

7) Assists in strengthening bones

Just one dried fig can give 3 percent of the daily calcium requirement. Along with different calcium-rich foods in the diet, one can enhance bone strength & density.

8) Helps diabetics

Dried figs are rich sources of fiber that make them the perfect food for these who are suffering from diabetes. But a disclaimer here; dried figs have huge sugar content in them. If a person is diabetic it would be beneficial to take the suggestion from your doctor regarding consuming figs.

9) Remedy for iron deficiency

The people who are anemic can benefit a lot from consuming figs as dried figs which are the abundant iron source. A dried fig can provide you two percent of the regular iron necessary. Iron is a major ingredient of ‘hemoglobin’ & it is hemoglobin that carries oxygen to all portions of the body. So, if you need increasing the hemoglobin levels generally you should definitely be consuming dried figs.

10) Boost reproductive health

Ancient Greeks utilized dried fig as an aphrodisiac. Figs were connected with fertility. Scientifically speaking, figs increase fertility as they have packed with magnesium, manganese, & zinc that are known to promote reproductive health.

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