10 Amazing Benefits of Lotus Root

10 Amazing Benefits of Lotus Root

Lotus Root has several health benefits such as improving bowel regularity, regulating blood pressure, supporting weight management, preserving heart health, boosting body immune system, boosting mood, treating anemia as well as preventing cancer. Other benefits are providing diabetic support, treating diarrhea and reducing inflammation and so forth.

What is Lotus Root?

It is flower that is sacred to Asians, especially Indians. Although it is usually not considered edible yet it is very nutritious and edible rhizome. It is indeed a native dish. It is accepted as a substitute to white potatoes.

Nutrition Info (per 100 serving, cooked)

  • Calories-66.3% RDA
  • Total Carbohydrates-16g
  • Dietary Fiber-3g 12% RDA
  • Vitamin C-27.5mg 46% RDA
  • Thiamin-0.1mg 8% RDA
  • Niacin-0.3mg
  • Vitamin B6-o.25mg 11% RDA
  • Folate-8mcg 2% RDA
  • Pantothenic Acid-0.3mg 3%
  • Calcium-26mg 3% RDA
  • Iron-0.9mg 5%RDA
  • Magnesium-22mg 8%RDA
  • Phosphorous-78mg 8% RDA
  • Potassium-360mg 10% RDA
  • Zinc-0.3mg 2% RDA
  • Manganese-0.2mg 11% RDA

Health Benefits of Lotus Root:

10 Amazing Benefits of Lotus RootImproves Bowel Regularity:

It helps in preventing constipation and is made of insoluble fiber. The latter helps digestion. Colon cancer can be prevented.

Helps regulate Blood Pressure:

The electrolyte minerals in blood pressure do impact the blood pressure and this can result in excessive water retention. Potassium facilitates blood vessel dilation, promotes excessive water as well as elimination of sodium.

Helps Weight Management:

It is good to consume food that keeps the stomach full for longer period of time as then one will not eat. This will result in weight loss. Lotus Root is high insoluble fiber and is low in sugar and helps one to lose weight. Foods high in carbohydrates prevent the burning of fat process while exercising.

Boosts One’s immune System

Lotus Root has a lot of Vitamin C which is good for the immune system functioning. One is less prone to illnesses.

Boosts Mood

It has beneficial effects on the brain as it improves one’s mood and well-being. This is due to presence of vitamin B6 which involves the synthesis of serotonin as well as dopamine.

Treats Anemia

It contains plenty of minerals, iron and copper which are good for the blood. This contains anemia.

Prevents Cancer

Vitamin C in Lotus Root helps preserve the DNA structure and can help in preventing mutated cells being produced. Vitamin C can combat free radicals.

Good for Controlling Diabetes

Since Lotus Root has potato-ish taste it controls cravings for this starch. It is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates which help in maintaining healthy sugar levels. It is filling meal. One can have next meal hours later.

Controls Diarrhea

Diarrhea is linked with intestinal mal-absorption or bacterial infection of one’s digestive tract.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is required but can go out of hand and cause swelling in several parts of one’s body. Many diseases do cause inflammation. Lotus Root is useful in treating painful effects of rheumatoid arthritis, muscles aches as well as pains and also inflammatory bowel diseases.

Good for the Heart

Lotus Root improves blood pressure and blood vessel health. It promotes healthy heart muscle functioning.

Lotus Root indeed has several benefits. It is good to have it and thus maintaining good health. As it has lots of fiber it is good for those who are weight conscious and would like to shed some pounds.


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