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Viral Fever : Symptoms, Home Remedies and Prevention

Viral Fever : Symptoms, Home Remedies and Prevention

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The change in weather has brought about the lot of infections & one of them is the viral fever. Since there is a higher number of dengue patients, we frequently confuse & compare viral infections to dengue fever. You should know, both the viruses are different & so are the symptoms.

Viral fever refers to the wide range of infections where there is an enlarge in the normal body temperature. In viral fever, you would experience body aches, skin rashes & headache. Viral fever affects those whose immunity is low, particularly kids & elders. With the help of right medications

along with the home remedies, you can treat & get rid of the viral fever. To be able to treat it, you should first know the symptoms of the viral fever.

Take a look at some of these signs to know if your down with Viral Fever : Symptoms, Home Remedies and Prevention

Viral Fever : Symptoms, Home Remedies and PreventionSymptoms Of Viral Fever

There are a lot of symptoms when it comes to viral fever. But the most prominent signs are – fever, fatigue, nausea, body ache, rashes, headache, coughing, sore throat, abdominal pain etc.

How Does Viral Affect The Body

Viruses affect the body by attacking the cells. In most of the cases of viral fever, it affects the upper part of the body which is respiratory system. If the virus is very potent it can attack the nervous system and therefore, cause severe illness.

Is Viral Fever A Serious problem?

Yes, viral fever is a serious problem. If the patient is feeling weak, not able to eat any foods or liquids, the patient requires to be admitted instantly. It is also serious when the affected person does not heal with the help of antibiotics.

When To Visit A Doctor?

The affected person should consult the doctor if any of the symptoms mentioned above does not fade. The other sign of viral fever is shortness of breath and an boost of fever over five days.

How Does Viral Fever Spread?

Most of the viral infections are spread by breathing of aerosolised particles. The consumption of contaminated water or food is another reason for the viral fever. When infected, the virus spreads locally & further into the blood stream or lymph channels. Strangely, there are some viral fevers which can also be transmitted sexually or during close contact with the infected person.

What Should Be Done instantly For Viral Fever?

To treat & cure viral fever, the patient should instantly feed the body with water (to avoid dehydration), get ample of rest & only consume light foods.

Home Remedies To Treat Viral Fever

The best home remedies to treat & cure viral fever are – sipping on fresh coriander tea, drinking fenugreek water to kill the virus & consuming rice starch or gangi.

How To Prevent Infecting Others?

Since viral fever is infectious, the affected person should be careful not to share cups, spoons, plates with a healthy person. Discard used tissues and wash your hands regularly to keep infection from spreading.

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