Foods that Make You Drowsy

Foods that make you drowsy

Foods that Make You Drowsy

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If you are feeling drowsy when you are supposed to be active then it can be considered as the drowsiness. In other words, if you are feeling sleepy during the office hours or during other parts of the day time then you are ‘drowsy’.

Well, when you are drowsy, you might not be able to think well or work correctly. Also, you might feel confused & the memory power might not help you much at that time.

Well, there could be many reasons for the drowsiness. Well, what could cause this sleepy condition? Certain foods, certain habits or certain medicines can cause this sleepy state.

When it comes to the habits that normally lead to this condition, if you have over-worked or if you have not slept well for the past few days or if you are still acclimatising to a new place then you might feel sleepy during the day.

Now, let us discuss about the foods that make you drowsy.

Surviving On Salads

Foods that make you drowsyThere are some people who tend to just have a salad as ‘lunch’. If the food intake is not enough for the energy requirements of the day, then one can feel drowsy.


Dairy products can also make you feel drowsy particularly when your body fails to digest the protein content present in the dairy.


Bananas are rich in the Magnesium and that is why they must be consumed at night. They can help relax the muscles.

White Bread

White bread is a carbohydrate source with the higher glycemic-index. Such foods might not help you stay satiated for long and hence you feel drowsy after a few hours.


When you consume meat which contains lots of fat, you may feel drowsy as lots of energy is required to digest that food.


As cherries contain melatonin which plays an important role in making you sleepy, it is better to consume them at night.

Acidic Foods

If you have consumed an acidic food as dinner the previous day then are sure to feel sleepy the next day.

Sugary Foods

Some sugary foods also tend to make you feel sleepy after an hour or so.

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