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Vegetarian can get protein from these plant sources

Protein is an important and essential nutrient that is required for performing critical functions of the body and also for the muscle repair. Read about Vegetarian can get protein from these plant sources.

Vegetarian can get protein from these plant sources

Don’t always need to eat the meat to consume protein, consuming plant based sources of protein can also be good way to fulfill the daily protein requirement.

Vegetarian can get protein from these plant sources

Here is list of plantbased foods that pack protein thump apart from the fibre and other nutrients.

Green peas

Peas or matar can provide with an essential protein if following a vegan diet or simply trying to cut down on an animal foods. They are complete source of protein that can supply an amino acids to the body. Peas are good source of arginine, an amino acid that is very important for building the muscle. One cup of cooked peas can provide as much as eight grams of protein. One can enjoy fresh or frozen peas with the side dishes, salads, soups, and stews. We can also serve it as matar paneer or make green pea sandwich.


A diet rich in the spinach can contribute to the protein intake. One cup of spinach contains five grams of protein. When cooked, a cup of spinach can provide more than five grams of protein. And it is being low in calories and high in vitamins, and one of the most nutritious foods available. The nutrients in spinach increases blood flow in the body and prevent the arteries from getting blocked. And it is low in glycemic index, it can be an excellent source of protein for diabetics. Pairing spinach with rice or roti can provide with complete nutritious meal.


Another vegetable that can give good dose of protein is broccoli. Broccoli contains collagen, a protein that is helpful in strengthening the connective tissue. One cup of raw broccoli can give nearly three grams of protein. Boiling the broccoli can provide with total protein intake of four grams. Cooked broccoli will also have lot of fibre and will provide with other essential minerals. We can stir fry broccoli or blend it into the soup.


Beans are considered as high protein food. Beans are good source of an amino acid lysine, which other plant based foods, such as grains, lack. Soybean is complete protein and can provide an amino acids. One cup of soybean can provide 15.8 grams of protein. If are in lookout for lean protein, kidney beans can be one of the best options.


Corn being good source of antioxidants, corn also contain good amount of protein. One cup of yellow corn contains five grams of protein. You can add the corn to the pastas or add it to the salad.
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Vegetarian can get protein from these plant sources

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