Kriti Sanon reveals beauty secrets

Kriti Sanon reveals beauty secrets

Kriti takes good care of her looks and is known for her overall appearance. She exercises and keeps fit and does yoga for good health. She has a healthy diet.

Kriti Sanon is no doubt a “gorgeous” actress. The leggy model-turned-actress is a natural beauty having desired curves. She has proved to be a success in films and no sooner she entered she made her mark on the screen. Kriti Sanon, Kriti Sanon hot is favorite of the fans for her acting talents.

Kriti Sanon was born in New Delhi. After going in for a stint in modeling, she decided to turn to act, starring in a Telugu psychological thriller titled Nenokkadine. As we all know, her first Bollywood film was Sabbir Khan’s Heropanti, which was alongside Tiger Shroff. She indeed dazzled in her Bollywood debut, setting the silver screen on fire with her classic good looks and her beautiful smile.

The actress does make a lot of effort to maintain her beautiful visage as well as her lean and fit body. Kriti Sanon, Kriti Sanon hot does take care of her body with adequate exercise and proper diet.

Her beauty and fitness secrets:

Kriti does, of course, take care of her skin. She makes sure she cleanses tones and moisturizes her skin regularly. At the end of each day, she does make use of a makeup remover, followed by a dab of moisturizer in order to restore her skin with lost nutrients.
Kriti does indulge in hair spas on a regular basis. She does believe that pollution can cause serious damage to one’s hair, which is why she also oils her hair often.
In terms of makeup, the product she makes use of does consist of the basics such as mascara, lip balm, concealer and some amount of blush. She does advise all non-vegetarians to eat fish, as it is considered to be very good for one’s skin and the hair as well.
Kriti also drinks a lot of water, to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

Her fitness secrets

Weight Training:

Kriti does undertake weight training for about 4 to 5 times each week.
She does believe that doing this does help keep her body toned.

Yoga and Pranayam:

She does not go in for cardio as she feels she loses weight really quickly. But, she does indulge in both yoga and Pranayam to keep her body supple and fit.


Kriti loves kickboxing as it keeps her more agile and is excellent for balance. Since she loses weight drastically, especially around the face,
this is the reason that she does prefer kickboxing as it does not leave her with hollow-looking cheeks.

Kriti Sanon reveals beauty secrets



The actress balances her workout sessions with a round or two of salsa. Dance can be fun and it also does help lose weight.

Her diet

Kriti’s diet does consist of eggs, brown bread, chicken/fish, dal, vegetable, sweet potato, protein shakes, and brown rice. She also does like to eat a fresh salad with every meal. She consumes 2 cups of green tea daily. She generally prefers to stay away from spicy and oily food. In fact, Kriti does eat something every two hours as that is the best way to stay fit as well as healthy.

Kriti Sanon, Kriti Sanon hot is a favorite of all and sundry. She is a much sought after actress and has gained fame through her dedicated work as well as her impeccable talents and looks. Kriti has acquired fame by acting in popular films and also portraying mass appeal in her foray into films. She is no doubt a much-talented actress and does well on the screen. She is thorough in her roles and knows what to do while being directed.

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