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Treat Your Skin Issues Using Garlic

Treat Your Skin Issues Using Garlic

Most of us have read volumes regarding the health benefits of garlic but rarely do we discuss the skin benefits of garlic. See how to Treat Your Skin Issues Using Garlic.

Well, it contains healing properties & medicinal benefits. Why not use it as topical treatment. Your skin would look healthy and young when garlic has used to it.

The anti-oxidants present in it can keep your skin youthful reduce pimples. As garlic can also flush out poisons when consumed, the skin would look clear. Eating garlic on the empty stomach is good. Now, let us discuss the best benefits of garlic for the skin.

Treat Your Skin Issues Using GarlicTo Prevent Hair Loss.

Garlic can prevent hair loss too. You can squeeze garlic and use that paste on your scalp. You can also mix garlic in a teaspoon of oil and apply it to your hair.

For Acne

Garlic can cure acne as it has the anti-bacterial action. You can only rub garlic on the affected areas to get rid of pimples.

For Athlete’s Foot

To cure athlete’s foot, one can add garlic to the basin of water and place your feet on it for 15 minutes. Its anti-fungal action can heal your feet.

To Treat Rashes

As garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can also cure the skin rashes when used as topical treatment.

To Treat Dandruff

Garlic paste mixed with oil can cure the scalp of dandruff efficiently.

For Wrinkles

Garlic when mixed with olive oil and aloe vera gel can heal your skin and reduce wrinkles.

To Treat Sores

If you are suffering from sores, apply garlic paste on them to reduce the swelling.

Acne is the most common skin problem which is faced more by the teenage … So you can use garlic to treat acne that is caused due to bacteria and also …. Dry your face with clean towel and also allow it to air dry completely.

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