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Surprising Health Benefits Of Calendula

What is Calendula?

Calendula associated annual flower native to the northern Mediterranean countries. Its name refers to its tendency to bloom with the calendar, sometimes once a month or with each new phase of the moon. The Egyptians considered them to have rejuvenating properties. In the Hindu world, the flowers were used to adorn gods in their temples, as well as a colorant in food, fabrics, and cosmetics, and of particular interest, in the 18th and 19th-century this flower were used to color cheese. Calendula has historically been used as a food, adding flavor to cereals, rice, and soups. The petals can be added to salads for their brilliant color. As recently as 70 years ago, physicians used to treat amenorrhea, conjunctivitis, fevers, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns, as well as minor problems of the skin.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Calendula

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Health Benefits of Calendula

Healing Properties:

One of the higher reasons to stay flower handy is due to its healing skills. If you apply this flower oil to your cuts, and bug bites, you’ll able to quickly speed the healing method. This flower contains anti-inflammatory drug properties of the oil and also unique antioxidant compounds. By protecting in opposition to infections, it keeps wounds and scrapes safe, allowing them to rapidly heal.

Oral Health:

There also several an antibacterial benefits of calendula have made it very popular in recent years. You will often find it on the ingredients list of various herbal health and hygiene products, including toothpaste, mouthwashes, soaps, and shampoos. In terms of oral health, toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain calendula are very effective in killing bacteria that cause everything from gingivitis to cavities.

Improve the Appearance of Skin:

Aside from encouraging healing, using flower oil to your skin can results the appearance of your skin. It can affect blood circulation to the skin cells; provide antioxidant protection that decreases the visibility of wrinkles and ages spots on the skin and even the visibility of scars. If you want smooth skin that glows with youthful vitality, consider some organic products that include calendula in another form, such as tea.


Regardless of where you inflammation is occurring, calendula can importantly reduce the discomfort. If you are distress from a cough or congestion, calendula tea can be a wonderful remedy. If your joints are hurting from arthritis or gout, add some calendula oil to a skin balm and enjoy a quick reduction in pain. Consequently, if your stomach upset, calendula can help normalize your gastrointestinal system.

Cancer Prevention:

Calendula flower oil has anti-tumor characteristics that are valuable in cancer research exploring natural solutions to this global epidemic. Cancer remains the mysteries of our species in terms of collective health and compounds like those found in calendula.


There are also some anti-spasmodic properties of calendula that also taken advantage of including many people. If you suffer from a nervous system disorder, menstruation problems, adding these flower herbs to your diet.

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