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Summer special Homemade Lemonad

Summer special Homemade Lemonade

We love to drink cool & freshly made drink on this boiling summer days. One of summer’s favorite tastes is homemade freshly squeezed Lemonade.

This classic Summer special Homemade Lemonad , refreshing, zesty drink can be prepared very easily at home. And it tastes far better than bottled, frozen or powdered lemonade.

The perfect version combines a simple sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Go ahead and enjoy this sweet & tart freshly squeezed Lemonade recipe today..!

Ingredients to prepare lemonade from lemon juice, lemonade, lemonade recipe,

  • Lemons : 8 or 9
  • Sugar : 1 cup
  • Water : 2 ½ to 3 cups

Method to prepare Summer special Homemade Lemonade

  • Summer special Homemade LemonadCut all the lemons to halves.
  • Measure & Keep sugar in a cup.
  • Juice all the lemons in a squeezer and collect the juice in a bowl.
  • Take sugar in a pan.
  • Add water to it and mix.
  • Put the pan on a gentle heat.
  • Stir and allow it to come to a gentle boil.
  • When the sugar has dissolved turn off heat.
  • Allow to cool.
  • Now add the bowl of fresh lemon juice to the sugared water.
  • Stir well.
  • Place the pan into the fridge and chill for ½ an hour to 1 hour ( until cooled )

Add lots of crushed ice into a large glass, pour in the lemonade and decorate with a lime slice on the side.Fresh & delicious homemade Lemonade ready to relish.

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