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Shocking Reasons Why You Yawn So Much

Shocking Reasons Why You Yawn So Much

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Do you yawn all the time too when you have relaxed for the full night of 8 hours? If you have been suffering excessive yawning right into the day, there could be a problem with your health. Yawning is always thought to be an embarrassing action, especially if you are in a meeting or talking to someone about something serious.

Yawning is said to be a sign of disinterest with the other person, and it could also signal a dangerous moment for you and the other partner involved.

Though yawning could mean the sleepy & physically, mentally tired, it could also intimate that the body is trying to send an underlying health condition that you might be ignorant off.

Questioning what could be causing that extreme yawning? Hereabouts are eight shocking reasons why you yawn means too much on the day to day basis. Take the look at some Shocking Reasons Why You Yawn So Much.

Shocking Reasons Why You Yawn So MuchTest Your Liver

If your yawning has improved over a period without feeling tired, it is best to take a liver test. There could be opportunities that the liver is failing.

Suffering From MS or Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study states that people suffering from multiple sclerosis suffer from thermoregulatory dysfunction (inability to regulate the temperature of their body) which led to fights of yawning.

Brain Health

Another reason you yawn so much could be due to a brain inflammation caused by a stroke. On the other hand, the latest study shows that extreme yawning is a symptom in the patients who are suffering from injuries in their brain stem.


It might take you the seat back into shock. One of the potential reasons why you yawn too much could be due to epilepsy. This irritation causes the brain to send out abnormal signals that can be, in some cases excessive yawning.


Medications are also to accuse of you feeling tired and drained out. If the medications are making you feel sleepy, it is desirable to inform your doctor about the problem. For example, medicines like SSRIs antihistamines cause drowsiness.

Sleep Disorder

In many cases, one of the reasons why you yawn so much is apparently due to a sleep disorder. Lack of sleep can make yawn while you are awake. Get tested for sleep apnea and insomnia.


A common issue that we all face today is being stressed out and tired. It is one of the main reasons why we all feel sleepy and yawn too much.

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