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Natural Scrubs To Get Baby Skin

Natural Scrubs To Get Baby Skin

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Facial scrubs remove the dead cells from the skin & enhance facial appearance. They also open up the skin pores to remove the black heads.

Facial scrubs exfoliate the skin & makes it refreshed. They also remove deceived dirt & oil from the skin. They prevent the development of acne & pimples as they deeply remove oil & impurities.

There are many chemical scrub accessible, but it would be best & safe for the skin if you can make the own home made scrubs. Here are few natural scrubs to get baby skin.


Grind some coffee beans into crude particles & mix it with some olive oil & honey. Apply this mixture on the face and gently scrub for about 15 minutes. This is one of the best natural facial scrubs for the acne.

Chocolate Scrub

Natural scrubs to get baby skinDissolve some chocolate & mix with it some almond oil & sugar. This scrub will promote the skin and would add natural glow to the face.

Green Tea Scrub

Make green tea without adding sugar to it. Let it cool & add some sugar to make it thick. Also add some honey to it. Apply this scrub on the face to get the natural & glowing skin. This is one of the best homemade facial scrubs.

Blue Berry

Mash some blue berries & mix with it some lemon juice & brown sugar. Gently scrub on the face in circular motions and then rinse it with luke warm water.

Almond Scrub

Grind some almonds to make a course particles and not a fine powder. Mix some olive oil in it & scrub gently on the face.


Mash some papaya & mix with it some sugar and honey. Scrub gently with the finger tips for few minutes & rinse off.


Mix some powdered milk, powdered cornmeal, lavender oil with oatmeal. Apply this on the face and scrub gently particularly at fore head and nose base. This is a best glowing face scrub.


Mix some sugar in yoghurt to make the scrub. This will be a beneficial scrub for the face. It is rich in many vitamins & would increase blood flow to skin.


Mash a tomato & mix some sugar to make a scrub. Using this removes ageing signs from the skin & refreshes it.

Tooth Paste

Take some paste and mix some salt in it. Apply this on the face to remove acne & pimples. This is the best facial scrub for acne prone skin.

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