Dangers Of Talcum Powder

Dangers of talcum powder

Dangers Of Talcum Powder

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Baby powder or talcum powder is used to treat or prevent rashes, soothes skin & even freshens it. It is used in almost every house hold. Although, many studies show that it can prove harmful for the health. It has been linked with ovarian cancer too and few more dangers of talcum powder.

A study has shown that the women who used talc powder on their genital areas are at more risk of ovarian cancer as powder can be retained in ovaries for many years causing inflammation & cancer.

Moreover, many people have habit of sprinkling talcum powder on open wounds. It is not a good idea to use talc on open wounds as many bacteria might be present in the talc as it is not sterilised.

These bacteria get transmitted from the wound into the blood circulation & can cause serious infections. So never use talc or baby powder on the wounds. You can use surgical powder instead.

In any case talcum powder is harmful for health. Although, you can use a variety of other safe & healthy alternatives to talc powder. They are lighter, more absorbent, & soft than talcum powder. Here are someof the best alternatives to talc powder.

dangers of talcum powderOat Flour Powder

It is sued to treat scarring or marks from acne or chickenpox. Oat flour helps to remove the skin marks. It also alleviates skin irritation & itching. Sprinkle oats powder on the skin to treat insect bites & sores.

Cornstarch Powder

It is natural, safe & is not as easily inhaled as talcum powder. Inhalation of talcum powder weakens the immune system. Even if cornstarch powder is inhaled, it is safe & does not cause any health problems.

Chickpea Powder

Now you can make the dry skin moisturised & glowing by mixing chickpea powder with olive oil. It is a safe alternative for the talcum powder to treat rashes & dry skin.

Corn Flour

It is obtained from the dried maize & is white in colour. It absorbs sweat efficiently & also soothes skin rashes & irritation.

Rice Flour

You can use rice flour on the skin by mixing it with yoghurt or curd. It is used to treat pigmentation & wrinkles. Rice flour can be safely sprinkled on the skin in dry form to prevent rashes & absorb sweat.

Arrowroot Powder

It is light in the weight & highly absorbant. It is white in colour & will make the skin soft & smooth.

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