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Method of using Garlic for Hair Growth

So, Many of them know that garlic promotes hair growth and how can you put garlic to work for the hair loss? Though having garlic in food is healthy in a variation of ways, you will need to use garlic juice or garlic oil as the local treatment in the kind of a salve to harness the potential of garlic for hair loss & hair replenishment. Here is how to use it: and clearly described about Method of using Garlic for Hair Growth.

Honey & Garlic for Hair Growth

Extract the juice from the small head of garlic or around eight cloves. Do this by skinning each clove & using the garlic press to extract the juice from each clove. It should allow about one tbsp of garlic juice. Mix this garlic juice with an equal quantity of honey (which too has unexpected health benefits). Apply this remedy to the scalp and hair and allow it on for about twenty minutes or more before washing out. It can be done 2 to 3 times per week or more frequently if you need.

Note: Pure garlic juice can irritating to the skin when applied alone, as it packs a strong punch. For this reason, it is necessary to combine garlic juice with different ingredients to decrease the chances of skin irritation on a scalp.

Coconut Oil and Garlic juice to Combat Hair Loss

Another healthy hair salve can make by combining equal portions of garlic juice & coconut oil.

Squeeze the juice from the small head of garlic applying the method explained above & mix the juice with a tbsp of coconut oil (slightly heat the coconut oil by putting it in the bowl filled with the warm water).

Then massage the mix into the scalp & hair and allow it on for up to twenty minutes or more before cleaning it out. It can be done 2 to 3 times per week or more frequently if you need.

Garlic Oil for Hair Growth

Note: Garlic oil is separate from garlic essential oil! So do not confuse between the two. Garlic essential oil is notably potent and can cause excessive skin irritation if applied as the hair salve and if not correctly diluted. Please use garlic-infused oil & NOT garlic essential oil when treating the scalp.

Garlic-infused oil can use as the growth-promoting hair remedy. Use one tbsp of garlic oil to the scalp and massage thoroughly, allow it on for about twenty minutes or more & then clean the oil out. It can be done 2 to 3 times per week or more frequently if you need.

Garlic for hair growth
How to Make Garlic Oil to Promote Hair Growth

You can only make the garlic-infused oil at home. Here is how to use it:

Step 1: Mild Garlic Infusion for Hair

  1. Nothing will be easier than this pack for garlic oil: simply peel & mince garlic, then soak the garlic in warm olive oil.
  2. Use one tbsp of olive oil per clove of garlic, & leave the mixture to sheer for 1 to 2 weeks in a fridge before using.
  3. Strain the grated garlic from the oil & apply the oil as described above.
  4. Be sure to save the oil in the dark glass container in the fridge to extend its lifespan & prevent spoiling.

Step 2: Garlic Infusion plus Essential Oils for Hair Growth

This infusion includes more ingredients than the other way, but it offers the multi-faceted appearance with a collection of benefits due to the extra hair-friendly ingredients. For that need the following items:

  1. Five Tbsp of garlic infused oil (see step 1)
  2. One Tbsp of coconut oil
  3. One tbsp of castor oil that promotes the hair growth
  4. half two teaspoons of rosemary essential oil that also supports the hair growth
  5. Ten drops of the tea tree oil
  6. Five drops of peppermint essential oil that can too promote the hair growth

Combine the garlic infused oil with the leftover ingredients & shake well. Store in the freezer to keep the oil from decaying.

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