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How to get a dimple on your cheek Naturally?

How to get a dimple on your cheek naturally? Is the same question in your mind? A small serration over the cheeks when a person smiles are nothing but cute little dimple. Dimple is caused due to distortion of minor muscle, which makes the cheek skin to draw tight. This distortion also creates an external divot. It is genetically inherited from their ancestors or family members. There are few people who are not born with dimple but wish to get dimples on their face as it makes the face to look prominent. There are several methods from which you can get dimple without any surgery.

How to get a dimple on your cheek with makeup?

Here is the solution for getting a dimple on your cheek. Stand in front of the mirror and smile to mark the position where you desire to place your dimple. People who don’t have dimple will have the natural crease which is formed outside your mouth. On those creases only, you can find the dimples. Apply foundation evenly on your face. Get a brown eye pencil to create a dot in the place where the creases are found. The place outside crease is where you should have a dimple. Grab a blending brush to make an eyeshadow where the dot was created. Once done, blend the shape of a crescent, making use of a finishing powder without distorting the shape. Even though this way of getting dimple is unnatural, in photos these dimples look natural and prominent. If required make necessary corrections.

Way to get dimples with the aid of exercises

How to get a dimple on your cheek Naturally

Exercise 1: Just imagine your mouth when you taste tamarind or lemon. During this time, your lips will be puckered slightly, and cheeks will be sucked inside. Your lips and teeth will remain closed. Placing your cheeks and lips like this will help to get a dimple in a few days. Initially, if you feel difficulty to puck your lips, then eat something which is sour.

Exercise 2: Holding and pressing indentation

Firstly, locate the place where the indentations are deep in your cheek. Hold these spots gently with the aid of index finger on your cheeks. By pressing this position, you can continue to smile or speaking. You can even use the thumb or two pencil’s end to hold this place predominantly. Repeat this once a day to get dimple on your face soon.

Exercise 3: Fingers re-positioning

By keeping your fingers fixed on the place where you wish to get dimple will work on getting a dimple. While placing the pencil by talking out your finger, make sure you laugh wholeheartedly or smile broadly. Results yielded would be great if the pencil or fingers are kept your smile’s corner. For better results, do this by standing in front of a mirror. Because your fingertip positions can be adjusted by looking the natural creases present on your face.

Now, did you get an answer to your question how to get a dimple on your cheek? Try out, and yield results soon.

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