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Home Remedies for Emphysema Treatment

Many phases of emphysema treatment are under the control at home. The first thing is a smoke-free environment. If you are a smoker, stop. If others in the household smoke, ask them to smoke outside not in the house. Create the spot outdoors on a terrace, balcony or near an entry where smokers have access to an ash tray & a little security from the weather. Smoking, comprising second hand smoke, is the primary cause of the emphysema. Discard any products or substances in the home that cause respiratory irritation. Here are few useful Home Remedies for Emphysema Treatment.

Shield yourself from breathing remarkably cold air by using the face mask or the scarf. Check dry air with the humidifier & overly wet air with the air conditioning. Maintain the current lung ability by mild exercise. Begin at any level & try to work up to using for the 30 minutes a day at least about five days per week. Walking outdoors in the right climate would be ideal. Use good position to keep a chest area open & make breathing simpler and more efficient. Abdominal breathing, rather than the chest breathing, lets more air in & out of the lungs.

Herbal Lung Tonic

Apply an herbal lung tonic for the treatment emphysema at home. Mix one part all of the white horehound, coltsfoot, thyme, sundew with two pieces mouse ear. Two tsp of this sheered in the cup of boiling water for about ten minutes has a comforting & expectorant action that alleviates congestion & helps to breathe.

Other herbal mixtures that avail the respiratory system can be made using the mullein, lobelia, comfrey root, angelica root, flaxseed, ginger, aniseed, lungwort, & hyssop.

Home Remedies for Emphysema Treatment

Home Remedies for Emphysema TreatmentOne emphysema treatment that is simple to do is to have at least one cooked onion every day. Another member of an onion family, garlic, has been practiced in traditional remedies as a treatment for emphysema in many countries. Most of the people find garlic capsules simple to take and a dose of 600 mg per day is safe & effective.

Another home treatment for emphysema is to breathe fragrant steam to make breathing easier and to assist the lungs. Boil, a sliced lemon with the ¼ cup of eucalyptus, leaves then inhale the steam.

Caution: Please practice Home Remedies after the Proper Research & Guidance. You believe that you are following any advice at the risk & will correctly research or consult healthcare professional.

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