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Health dangers Of High Heels

Health dangers Of High Heels

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Some women love high heels as they increase their personality & height. Some wear them only for parties & social reasons. Some may decide them to dance well. Irrespective of the reason you would wear them, it is better to first know about the health dangers of high heels.

Are high heels bad for you? In some of the ways, yes. When you wear stylish high heels & try to walk, the body critically tries to get balance properly in order to avoid falling. In those struggling efforts, certain areas like calves, hip & spine get tensed up as they undergo the stress. Regularly, you might also experience pain in those regions.

Wearing them occasionally will be okay but not every day. The posture will change radically and some long term health problems might also arise. Now, let us discuss about the high heels effects on the body.

Health dangers of high heelsOn Chest

When you wear the high heels, the chest gets pushed a bit forward. This can change the balance & body language.

On Spine

The position of the spine & hips gets disturbed as the back is pushed a bit backwards.


The knees undergo the too much of pressure. This is one of the high heels effects on the knees. The balls in knees also undergo too much of pressure & this might cause pain.


The weight sharing of the body gets disturbed. This might affect all bones & joints.

Posture Gets Affected

As pressure on the feet improves, the rest of the body struggles a bit to maintain the balance. This may make you stand in strange ways.


As the spine undergoes lots of problems in the process of adjusting to changes in the body’s balancing problems you might also experience back pain.

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