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Six health benefits of chikoo

Chikoo is also known as sapota and sapodilla is a fruit with sharp sweet taste. Brown in color and round in the shape, Chikoo fruit has power packed with nutrients that make it really great for your health. Here are some of its top six health benefits of chikoo. chikoo benefits are many continue reading to know about them.

Top six chikoo Benefits For Health

1. Keep diseases at bay

There are many nutrients in the chickoo that can enhance your immunity namely iron, copper, Vitamin A, potassium, and C, niacin, folate, etc. A strong immune system would keep diseases and infections at bay which is why you should eat the chickoo everyday.

2. Beats Digestive problems

Like most of the fruits and vegetables, chickoo is also good for your digestion as it contains dietary fibre. A 100g of serving chickoo contains 5g of fibre, and if you eat it every day it is unlikely that you will suffer from constipation or any other digestive problem.

3. Include in Daily diet:

Even though Vitamin C content in chikoos is not as high as it is in guavas or oranges, it still is rich source of the vital nutrient. Signs of ageing like wrinkles can take longer to appear if you include such fruits daily in your diet.

Six health benefits of chikoo

4. Strengthen your bones

Indians have the weaker bones than Caucasians or Africans which makes it more important for them to eat fruits and vegetables that makes their bones stronger. Chikoo contains the calcium, phosphorus and iron which help strengthen your bones.

5. Combats Cancer

Chikoo has high amount of antioxidants along with the Vitamin C that prevents damage to your cells from carcinogens. It also improves you immunity which too helps in making sure you do not get cancer. This is one of the benefits of chikoo.

6. Gives Instant energy

On the tiring day, you might find the longing to drink a cola or have an energy drink to refresh yourself. However, those drinks are unhealthy as they contain a lot of sugar. You could instead try eating some chickoos. They contain fructose and sucrose which makes them a natural and healthy source of instant energy.

Try to include Chikoo in your regular diet to reap its health benefits of chikoo.

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