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Get rid of Tan with Potato Peel

Bleaching the face helps to get the special glow, but chemical bleaches are not good for the skin always. Actually, chemical bleaches have a number of ill effects causing thinning of skin, asthma, reactions and uneven skin tone. So to protect skin from these damages, it is a good idea to use natural ways to bleach the skin. Read about Get rid of Tan with Potato Peel.

One of the natural bleaching agent is potatoes, especially its peel. It not only helps in glowing factor, but also helps brighten the face and also does not allow the skin for ill effects of chemical bleach. Here are the three packs with potato peels as a bleaching agent. The peels of potato have properties like to lighten the skin, get rid of tan and uneven skin tone.

  • Take a potato peel and rub the inner surface of the peel to the skin. Make sure the peel is fresh i.e., check whether moisture content is there or not. If you want we can add some lemon juice to peel. These two ingredients help to bleach your skin. Allow the peel on the skin till it dry, then you wash it off with warm water. Apply regularly for better results.
    Along with potato peel we can also use tomato and cucumber to help in intensifying the skin lightening affect. The cucumber is used to cool the skin and keep it supple.
    Crush the potato peel and tomato, to this mixture, add a spoon of multani mitti and pinch of turmeric powder. If it is a dry skin, then we can add milk cream or milk as well. Apply to the face and wash it off after 15 minutes. Pat your skin for dry.
Get rid of Tan with Potato Peel
Get rid of Tan with Potato Peel

Get rid of Tan with Potato Peel

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