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First Aid Tips After A Dog Bite

First Aid Tips After A Dog Bite

Having a pet means you have someone who can give unconditional love on you. And if your pet is a dog, you donot require to search a best friend outside the home. But keeping a pet means you have to take every care of it.

In case of any significant problem you have to consult the physician. But here is first aid after a dog bite that can give you quick relief-

Clean The Wound

Clean the wound under clean water. Use soap to clean area properly. Do not rub. Press an area hard to stop the bleeding. This can be one of the efficient first aid tips after a dog bite.

Squeeze The Area

 If your wound bleeds, it is better as thus the wound will not be affected by the bacteria. If it is not bleeding, squeeze a little and let the poisoned blood out. Do not go harsh on it.


The Area If you keep wound open, it can be affected by the bacterial attack. Moreover dust and dirt can make it worse. So try to enclose an area. Putting a bandage can give you rapid relief.

Pain Killer

It is obvious that you have to go through certain pain. So, painkiller can be first aid after dog bite. Paracetamol is type of painkillers that can soothe you. But it is always better to take after consulting doctor.

Use Ethanol

First aid tips after a dog biteDo you know how does it help you? To stop any additional infection, you can apply ethanol or any other antiseptic ointment on the wound. It can prevent the bacterial attack and also can lessen your pain.

Get Tetanus

Very important first aid after dog bite. Never ignore your injury and don’t delay in taking tetanus. If you have not taken for five years, you need to take the injection within 72 hours.

First aids can help you to get primary help. But remember, if your wound is a major one; don’t be late to consult doctor.

Photo credit: twotoneams / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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