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Eggs are a perfect non-vegetarian food for the weight loss

A common misunderstanding about eggs is that they are high in fat and hence, leads to put on weight if consumed regularly. Though, experts believe that if on a weight loss regime or are planning to lose the weight by eating healthy, one should start including eggs in their diet. If you still do not believe, here are few facts that should know about first. Read more Eggs are a perfect non-vegetarian food for the weight loss.

Eggs are high in protein

It is fact that our body loses the high amount of protein due to various muscles strengthening the exercises comprising the weight loss workouts. This might lead to deficiency of protein when you are on weight training and limiting the supply of proteins to build muscles and other bodily activities. Though, including one hard-boiled egg – 100 grams in your diet provides around 13 grams of proteins which fulfils body’s requirement of 23 percent of total protein for men and 28 percent woman.

Eggs for weight loss diet

Eggs are a perfect non-vegetarian food for the weight lossEggs are low in fat

Although most of them might think that eggs are high in unhealthy fats, reality is that it contains just 5 grams of fats. So, eating an egg even if one is  on a weight loss diet does more good than harm to your weight loss goals.

Eggs are rich in nutrients

A healthy way to lose the weight is to eat smartly and consume an essential nutrient. This is reason, why eggs should be consumed as part of the breakfast to harvest its myriad health benefits. As egg yolk contains the nutrients in addition to cholesterol, consuming it at least once per week is recommended. However, you can eat egg white regularly.

Fuller for long

An egg breakfast, compared with the breakfast of similar calories, has been shown to lead to greater feelings of fullness and reduced food intake at later meals, resulting in the significant reduction in the BMI and waist circumference.

Easy on pocket

As eggs are easily available in market and quite reasonably priced, everyone planning to lose the weight must include them in their diet. One can include them at any time of day but make sure to consume them in healthy way and not in their fried form.

Eggs are a perfect non-vegetarian food for the weight lossTips to keep in the mind

Although there are numerous ways you can add eggs in the diet, choosing the healthy option would help in losing the weight. Here are few things you should keep in mind:

Avoid matted eggs or omelettes as they need oil or butter for preparation, interrupting your weight loss plans.

Consume the boiled eggs as they are very healthy, rich in nutrients, low in the fats and simple to prepare. Apart from this, also they are easy to digest. Though, throw away yolk as it is high in cholesterol.

If you are planning to get the wholesome breakfast or meal, you can combine the boiled or poached egg with the whole grain breads. This would ensure that one get some fibre and protein to kick-start your day.

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