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Effective ways to say no to alcohol easier in 2016

Though one might be intrigued to fling drink during your New Year’s celebrations, you can not assist but wonder if it was deserving drinking on the 31st night after you wake up with the raging hangover the next day. Alternatively, try something healthier this year – avoid liquor altogether so one can wake up feeling good then follow these Effective ways to say no to alcohol easier in the new year 2016.

How To Avoid Drinking Alcohol On Your Own

Eat bananas before going out:

Banana is an excellent anti-oxidative food as an ingredient ‘dopamine’ levels in the food range from 2.5 mg to 10 mg per 100 g in the ripe bananas. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that has implicated in the motivation. Taking too much alcohol lowers the dopamine level, making you desire more alcohol when you are drunk. Rather, go natural & eat a few bananas before typically drinking alcohol as it helps to control the alcohol cravings. Here are BANANA GOODNESS

Eat Sunflower seeds

Another natural method to beat any longings for alcohol. Like bananas, sunflower seeds are also efficient at improving dopamine levels, since these seeds are an antioxidant. Read more on Unique Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Eat sufficient dinner:

Many New Year’s revelers direct to avoid eating a complete meal at night since they need to concentrate more on drinking & dancing without the side consequences of vomiting or feeling heavy. If you are at a party, there will be plentiful of food available. Have small parts of food that is not too oily in between socializing & dancing. The stomach would feel full & again, you will be better outfitted to control the desire to drink.

How to Say No to Drugs and Alcohol

Drink Coffee:

Coffee can also assist to give an increase to the dopamine levels and therefore, beat any yearnings for alcohol. Though, make sure not to overdo with the coffee, as too much intake of caffeine can result in the reduction in dopamine levels. You might like to read Coffee Waste is useful for many

hendathira darbar movieDon’t tell your friends about your decision to quit alcohol:

The minute you proudly declare that you are trying to get rid of this bad habit, their first reaction would be to make you change the mind just for ‘one night’ & unravel with a few pegs. Do not allow peer pressure get to you.

Have little snacks:

Of course, watching the friends drinking your favourite brand of whiskey or rum could make you quickly surrender to temptation. Alternately, keep your hands, mouth & mind busy by snacking on roasted papads or cashew nuts, peanuts, while partying. These snacks help in combating cravings. Here are few Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Weight Loss

Stick to mocktails:

If you are out hitting or at a restaurant, discreetly order the favourite mocktails around the friends & stick to mocktails the full night. It could be the virgin Pina Colada or virgin Mojito, focus on the taste of the drink preferably than thinking of just getting high.

These ways are helpful for you How to say no to alcohol ?. Share your opinions with us.

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