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Dangers Of Eating Rotten Eggs

Dangers Of Eating Rotten Eggs

Is it ok to eat expired eggs? Eggs are a good source of proteins and the best part is they are not so expensive. So, we love to add eggs to the daily diet. But wait. Eating fresh eggs is healthy. But there are some dangers of eating rotten eggs.

It is better to place your eggs in the refrigerator soon after you purchase them. Never use a cracked egg as it may contain harmful micro organisms in it.

Here are the dangers of eating rotten eggs.


Other symptoms of illnesses caused by rotten eggs are diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. These symptoms may show up after 12-15 hours.


If the rotten eggs contain mold, one may experience rashes on the skin and itching sensation too.


Rotten eggs can contain a bacteria called as salmonella. When a person consumes expired eggs, the risk of suffering from salmonellosis may be high.


Dangers of eating rotten eggsA bacteria known as listeria may cause an infection known as listeriosis. Several food materials that contain rotten eggs may cause this infection.


Even headaches, fever and cramps in the abdomen can occur after consuming rotten eggs. It is better to consult a doctor if such symptoms show up.
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