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Health benefits of milk

It has almost become the dietary norm to avoid the whole milk and opt for the low fat and scanned milk. Even though, always do not have to oppose drinking glass of creamy whole milk as it has its own benefits to offer. Let us take look at the advantages and disadvantages of drinking the whole milk health benefits.

Health benefits of milk

Rich in vitamins

Whole milk provides many nutrients in single cup, more than the most fruit juices. A cup of milk can provide with
5 % of the daily recommended intake of vitamins. It is also good source of riboflavin & 1 cup of it can make up to 20 % of the daily needs. Complete milk is also a rich source of vitamin B12 that is required to lower the levels of composite called homocysteine that is linked to risk of getting heart attack and strokes.

Rich in minerals

Complete milk — Advantages and DisadvantagesComplete milk is the best way of getting sufficient amounts of calcium and other minerals in the diet. It can provide with 30 % of the daily calcium requirements. Complete milk is also good source ofminerals such as potassium, selenium, and phosphorus. It also contains a measurable amounts of zinc & magnesium. Phosphorus, found in the milk, works with calcium to maintain the bone health and strong teeth.

High in protein

Complete milk is considered to be a good source of protein containing all the nine amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for building and maintaining lean muscles. According to research, the protein in whole milk builds muscles more quickly than soy protein. A cup of whole milk can provide you as much as 8 g of protein.

Disadvantages of milk:

High in fat

A cup of complete milk contains 8 grams of total fats, ½ of which is saturated fat. Saturated fats are considered as bad fats & can have a negative impact on the heart. They can block the arteries and increase the bad cholesterol levels while lowering the levels of good cholesterol.

Contains more calories

Complete milk might not be good choice for those who are watching their weight as it contains high number of calories. 1 cup of cow milk contains as much as 167.8 calories & a cup of buffalos’ milk can provide you with 285.5 calories. Complete milk gets 57 % of its fat calories from saturated fats & the rest comes from mono – unsaturated & poly – unsaturated fats.

How many glasses of milk should drink every day?

Children between 3 to 12 years of age need to drink complete milk in sufficient amounts for the health of their bones and teeth. They should have 3 glasses of complete milk every day.

Adults should have at least 2 cups of whole milk every day to meet their dietary needs. However, if you are watching the weight you could switch to low fat dairy or skimmed milk.

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