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Best Herbs For Weight Loss

Best Herbs For Weight Loss

When Sonakshi Sinha lost loads of the weight we surprised how this beauty manages to get into the shape. Well, all thanks to her simple diet which consisted of healthy herbs and spices along with exhausting exercises.

Recently another beauty from B town posted the number of pictures on the social media sites exhibiting her new figure. Yes, Parineeti Chopra has the new look and its not just due to her change in cupboard. The bubbly actress who ‘was’ normally known for her curvy body has shocked us with her achievement in the weight loss.

These herbs burn calories and cut the fat which is copied from the food you consume. Here are few best herbs for weight loss, have a look.


This is the one of the best herbs for the weight loss. Ginger on consumption improves the thermic effect of food and endorses the feelings of satiety which in turn prevents you from eating foods high in calories.

Green Tea

Green tea has become a common beverage for the people who want to lose weight. Green tea enhances the metabolism and helps burn a ton of calories. Green tea also has an antioxidant which improves the fat burning process. It is one of the best herbs to cut the fat.


For many this is a simple herb to help in the weight loss. When turmeric is added to milk this beverage helps to improve the flow of bile which is very important in breaking down the fat.


If you love taste of hibiscus then you can lose the weight in no time with the help of this pretty herb. It is loaded with many nutrients, flavonoids and variety of minerals which help to lower the body’s incorporation of fats and carbohydrates. It can be consumed in any form.


Sage is good for diabetics who want to lose the weight. This simple herb enhances the metabolic rate to help you burn more calories in no time. In addition to the weight loss sage get rid of inflammation and promotes the better sleep.


Peppermint helps in speedy weight loss. Since peppermint is the natural craving suppressant, it is better to consume it at the beginning of a meal. It also lessen the hunger pangs and controls the appetite helping to manage overeating. This is one of the best weight loss tips you can get.

Best herbs for weight loss

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