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Benefits of Yoga Setu Bandhasana

As you do Bridge Pose, one will become extra alert in both body & mind. This refreshing backbend will open the chest up & keep the spine elastic. Although starters can practice it securely, skillful practitioners can still experience its various benefits. Setu Bandhasana will further aid to prepare you for further intense backbends. Read about Benefits of Yoga Setu Bandhasana

This posture is comparatively simple & quite exhilarating. If you notice it difficult to keep the lift in the pelvis, slide the block or bolster beneath the sacrum & rest the pelvis on it for comfort. In opposition, if you are seeming to intensify the stretch, lift the heels off a floor once in the Bridge Pose and push a tailbone up towards the pubis. Once the tailbone has lifted, pull the heels back to a floor.

Benefits of Yoga Setu BandhasanaBenefits of Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose:

1. Stretches the neck, chest, hips, & spine
2. Strengthens your buttocks, back, & hamstrings
3. Enhances the circulation of blood
4. Aids alleviate stress & mild depression
5. Calms your brain & central nervous system
6. Incites the thyroid glands, lungs, & abdominal organs
7. Enhances digestion
8. Aids relieve signs and symptoms of menopause
9. Decreases a backache & headache
10. Decreases anxiety, tiredness, & insomnia
11. Rejuvenates tired legs
12. Relieves signs of asthma & high blood pressure
13. Therapeutic for osteoporosis, hypertension, & sinusitis

Benefits of Yoga Setu BandhasanaHow to do it

  • Lie on your back
  • Bend your knees and keep your ankles with your hands. If it is difficult, place your hands beside you palms down
  • Try to hold your ankles with your hands. If it is difficult, place your hands beside you, palms down.
  • Inhale, gently lift your back, first lower, then middle and last upper. Try to touch your chest keeping your head steady.
  • Your weight must rest on your shoulders, arms, and feet. Don’t stress your back.
  • Stay in this position for 30 counts with normal breathing.
  • Exhale, gently bring your back down and return to the first position.

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