5 Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight

5 Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight

Eyes need to be taken care of and exercising them helps. Eye exercises improve vision and healthy eyes are very important for one’s overall well-being.

Most people are well aware that it is important to keep the bodies in good shape by remaining fit. Regular exercise and remaining active and does help. It is also important to realize that one can exercise one’s eyes to keep them healthy. Eye exercises are indeed designed to strengthen the eye muscles, improve focusing, eye movements, and also stimulate the vision center of one’s brain. While there is no scientific proof that eye exercises will indeed improve the eyesight, yet these exercises will help to counteract existing eye problems that a person may be suffering from. They also help to maintain one’s current eyesight level. Eye exercises, eyesight do help and thus one’s vision improves.

Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight:

The eyes consist of muscles and they can, in fact, get sore when held in one position for too long, quite similar to any other muscle of the body. Give the eye muscles a break and one will be very grateful over the years.

By doing these exercises, even a few of them the chances of an increase in one’s productivity level, elimination of headaches as well as errors, and can also reduce the risk of glaucoma. Eye exercises, eyesight are an essential part of one’s health maintenance program.

Best Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight:

1. Palming

Rub the palms of one’s hands vigorously, until they are warm and place them gently over the eyelids. Let the warmth of the palms transfer onto one’s eyes. One does feel the eye muscles relax as the eyes find relief in the darkness. Persist until the heat from one’s hands has been completely absorbed by the eyes. Repeat two to three times.

2. Blinking

Sit comfortably with one’s eyes open. Blink 10-15 times very quickly. Close the eyes and relax for 20 seconds. Repeat this 4-5 times.

3. Zooming

Another effective exercise for relaxing the eyes is zooming. It involves making an object zoom for the eyes so as to shift the focus of the vision. Sit on a chair with the arm outstretched and one’s thumb up. Now, bend the arm gradually and draw it closer to one’s eyes, thus zooming the thumb in focus.

 5 Eye Exercises to Improve Eyesight

4. Shifting

Shifting is about moving or rotating the eyeballs from one direction to another. Look to one’s rightward corner and then shift the gaze gradually in the opposite direction. The tiny eye muscles get more active and healthy with the spurt of blood pumped in from the shifting.

5. Figure of eight

Sit with legs straight in front of one’s body with the left hand on the left knee. Hold the right fist above the right knee, with a straight elbow and the thumb pointing upwards. Keep the head still and focus the eyes on the thumb. Draw a figure eight with one’s thumb, keeping the elbow straight all the time. Repeat this exercise five times each in clockwise as well as an anti-clockwise direction. Next, repeat the process with the help of one’s left thumb.


There are several ways one can improve vision and that also includes exercising the eyes. Diet also matters and it is important to consume Vitamins A, C, and E, carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin and the mineral zinc. These nutrients indeed help to promote normal eye health and can help prevent macular degeneration.

Wearing protective eyewear is good such as sunglasses when it is bright out to prevent UV damage. Stopping smoking can also lower the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration as well. If you are working at a computer, or other close-up tasks such as reading, take regular breaks to look at something farther away to reduce eye strain. Eye exercises, eyesight are very important for proper eye-care.

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