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Benefits Of Black Salt For Skin

Benefits Of Black Salt For Skin

The black salt has been originated in Himalayan ranges and is widely used in various Indian cuisines and also garnishing purpose. Apart from its extraordinary gastronomic advantages, black salt also offers some health benefits.

The article will enlighten you about Benefits Of Black Salt For Skin or how black salt can be advantageous for your skin in many ways:

Itchy Skin

Bathing with black salt helps to soothe an itchy and dry skin. This is one of the many benefits of black salt for skin.


If you are suffering from psoriasis, then use black salt in your bathing water to get relieved from this ailment.


If your skin becomes scratchy and full of rashes due to eczema, dissolve some black salt in a bucket of tepid water and bathe with this water. This is also one of the top benefits of black salt for skin.

Body Scrub

Use the black rock salt as a body scrub. This is also one of the various beauty benefits of black salt. Rubbing it all over your body boosts the blood flow in your skin and thereby enhances its luster.


One of the many beauty benefits of black salt is its cleansing property. Take your regular face wash and add 1 tablespoon of black salt to it. Then rub your face softly with this mixture to cleanse your skin properly.

Yellow Nails

You can also get rid of the yellow tint under your nails by rubbing some black salt over the nails. It will give your dull nails a gorgeous gleam.

Cracked Feet

Benefits Of Black Salt For SkinTo heal your cracked feet soak them in some black salt dissolved in lukewarm water.

Swollen Feet

To knock down the inflammation in your feet, soak your feet in warm water. Mix some black salt in it and rest your feet in this water for about 15-20 minutes. It will help you get rid of the pain and swelling in your feet.


One of the numerous benefits of black salt for skin is that it can heal the lumps in your skin. The sulfur and salt present in the black salt helps relieve the pain caused due to lumps.

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