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Top Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

The Miss World Winner is one of the most beloved beauty pageants amongst the Big 4 international glamor pageants. The Miss World beauty pageant started in 1951. The idea of Miss World beauty show does create by late Eric Morley. And the first edition of the Miss World beauty pageant held in the United Kingdom. Miss World is one of the most declared beauty pageants alongside Miss Universe and Miss Earth pageants.

The Miss World Winner usually began as the Festival Bikini Contest. But a straitened British media decided to call it with a more modest name, ‘Miss World’. The show met with a lot of criticism in the origin. So much so that the swimsuit replaced with more modest swimsuits after the first contest.

The Miss World does first open in the year 1959 by BBC, it gained popularity thereafter and has grown complexes. In 1980, the pageant adopted the slogan Beauty With a Purpose and added tests of ability and personality in order to avoid criticism of objectifying women. The Miss World has seen its share of controversies. In the year 1970, feminist protestors disrupted the pageant by throwing flour bombs on the ongoing live pageant. In 1976 the show involved both a Caucasian and African representative for South Africa. And which lead to a huge disturbance and many participating countries decided to boycott the pageant.

Miss World pageant has grown complexes, to enter the Miss World the contestant should be the winner of the national title in their respective home nation.Those chosen to represent their nation then face in the Miss World Final. The Miss World is no longer just a beauty show, it has developed as a platform for young women from across the globe to showcase their talent, intelligence and work towards a higher good. Miss World pageant presents these contestants to represent their culture and raise awareness towards various humanitarian causes, every time the show raises millions of pounds for charitable work under the banner of “Beauty with a Purpose” program.

The annual terminal is typically a month long event, with some preceding galas, dinners, receptions, and activities, ending in a globally telecast final show in which the field is narrowed to between 15 to 20 delegates. Since 2011, winners and finalists of different group and talent events will granted bonus points to their preceding scores. Members with the huge points fitted to the final round.

 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Ivian Sarcos:

Miss world winners, Miss World Winner

image source

Diana Hayden:

Diana Hayden, Miss World Winner                                 image source

Zhang Zillin:

Zhang Zillin, Miss World Winner

image source

Agbani Darego:

Agbani Darego, Miss World Winner

image source

Aishwarya Rai Miss World:

Aishwarya Rai Miss world, Miss World, Miss world Winner

image source

Jacqueline Aguilera Miss World Winner:

Jacqueline Aguilera, Miss world Winner

image source

Rosanna Davison:

Rosanna Davison, Miss World Winner

image source

Priyanka Chopra Miss world:

Priyanka Chopra, Miss World Winner

image source

Megan Young:

Megan Young, Miss World Winner

image source

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