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Amazing benefits of Listerine Mouthwash

A mouthwash is a really helpful product, you never appreciate when you would require it, & therefore you always have it, correct? This is a very healthy habit but what if I say you that the mouthwash could assist you in various ways other than simply being the mouthwash? Do not you consider me? Continue Amazing benefits of Listerine Mouthwash.

Some of the amazing benefits of Mouthwash has explained below

Get rid of pimples:

Are you facing a problem with a pimple. No problem, simply grab the mouthwash & your protection to combat a pimple is ready. All you require to do is clean the face well & then use a few drops of mouthwash on a cotton ball & smoothly dab it on the pimple .

where a pimple is producing up. That is all the subsequent day; you will not still see the evidence of that pimple. The ethanol found in the Listerine wipes out a pimple & decreases it.

Listerine acts as an efficient astringent, therefore easing to treat acne & other skin blemishes. When applied topically, it quickly penetrates into the skin & improves dry out the acne. It further decreases redness & inflammation.

  • Plus, its antiseptic nature benefits prevent skin infections.
  • Wash face thoroughly with the lukewarm water.
  • Dab some Listerine mouthwash on the acne ahead going to bed.
  • The next morning, clean face again.
  • Repeat regularly as required.

Get rid of blemishes with Listerine mouthwash:

Did you know injured or hurt, Listerine to your performance? Simply rub little mouthwash on the affected area of your skin and you will see that the injury will reduce the next day.

Reduce stinky feet:

Take little lukewarm water & combine a few drops of Listerine mouthwash in it. Then soak the feet in it. This serves well to receive the smell of your feet as Listerine is the bacteria killer. It will cleanse and freshen up your feet too.

Amazing benefits of Listerine MouthwashPrevent infection:

Did you get tattooed newly? Dab few drops of Listerine about the area where it has tattooed. This may prevent any sort of infection.

Relieve pain:

If you get pricked by a bee or a wasp, do not worry, use mouthwash on the affected area & you will ease from pain.

A toothache:

Dab few drops of Listerine on your aching gum, this will paralyze that area & decrease the pain.

Get rid of dandruff:

Massage few drops of mint mouthwash on your scalp and then wash it off with shampoo & water. This will get rid of dandruff.

  • Apply little mouthwash on your scalp.
  • Massage using fingertips in circular motions for about two minutes.
  • Allow it on for around 5 minutes, then shampoo the hair as normal.
  • Follow this solution 2 – 3 times per week.

A sore throat:

Gargling with mouthwash can really ease, relieve a sore throat, as will gargling with the apple cider vinegar. If a sore throat insists, see your family doctor.

Disinfect a cut:

When you require to clean out the small cut or wound, apply an alcohol­based mouthwash to disinfect the skin.

Head lice:

To get rid of the Head lice & nits, soak the hair with the Listerine and then put the shower cap on and allow for 15­ to 20mins before your wash off.

  • Massage your scalp & hair with some mouthwash.
  • Cover your hair with the shower cap for about two hours.
  • Next, clean the hair with a moderate shampoo.
  • Although the hair is still slightly moist, use the lice comb to eliminate any dead lice & resting lice eggs.
  • Do this for about two days, then repeat this process weekly, depending on the intensity of the infestation.

Whitens Yellow Nails

If your nails have discolored because of some sort of fungal infection, Listerine mouthwash can decrease the yellowness & make the nails whiter than always before.

Listerine mouthwash contains various active components that have antifungal properties, eucalyptol, such as menthol & thymol. This aid combats the infection & replaces the health of nails.

  • Combine equal amounts of Listerine wash & vinegar.
  • Soak your discolored nails in that solution for about twenty minutes, then smoothly scrub the nails with a simple and soft toothbrush.
  • Repeat regularly for a few days till the nails become white.


  • Soak your discolored nails in Listerine for 20 minutes.
  • Do this regular for about week, then take the break for about a week, & repeat the process the following week.

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