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8 everyday things that are ruining your face

You are very careful when it comes to taking care of the face. You know right moisturiser, the right DIY facial scrub, the right make-up, the right parlour treatment your face requires, et al. But have you ever thought of the things that you need to protect your face from? If not, here goes your list. Know about everyday things that are ruining your face.


Agreed, it is a very important ingredient for many DIY homes facial treatments. When mixed with the honey, curd, rosewater or other such ingredients lemon can give glowing, youthful skin, But if you apply directly it can irritate & dry the skin, disturbing the normal pH balance as it is highly acidic in the nature.

Baking soda:

This kitchen ingredient does know for its exfoliating properties, but it is alkaline in nature. Using baking soda directly can guide to moisture loss & destroy the skin’s aptitude to restore the natural pH balance.


8 everyday things that are ruining your faceOkay, everybody told how sugar can do surprises to your skin, but nobody told you how harsh it could be. Sugar & olive oil can be excellent for the body, but it can harm the thin facial skin & lead to scratching of the delicate dermis of the face.


There are many alcohol based products on the market that can do you the whole lot of good & so you think resistance alcohol directly on the skin won’t harm. Wrong. The cooling sensation that feel as applying alcohol is the result of the skin dissolving in the toxic or unhealthy substance along with bacteria. It tends to dryness and build up of dead skin cells.


Many of the people believe that vinegar acts as the natural toner. When that is true, remember with time the water content in vinegar can go down, making this natural toner burn & irritate the skin. So better get the toner that you can trust and do not have to worry about changes in its contents.


It is an excellent DIY hair pack because it is hydrating. Although, it is not good for the skin. It is too acidic in nature & can block your pores leading to bacterial build-up.

Petroleum jelly:

Of course, this is the best moisturiser can think off to treat the dry skin, but not on the face. The jelly not only seals the moisture in, but also seals in dirt & wreckage that can also cause dryness over time because it locks out air & moisture.


Some DIY treatments promise that toothpaste can combat acne, and that is true to some degree. But the rear is that it’s harsh ingredients leave a black scar on the face permanently, dry out the skin and damage it forever.

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