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7 Simple Lip Care Tips

7 Simple Lip Care Tips

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Beautiful lips are a turn on. It is why most of us often wonder how to get rid of dark lips. Well, when your lips are soft, they look good, and when they look pink in colour, they are surely an asset.

Your smile gets determined by the texture & colour of the lips. Covering the lips with the lipstick or gloss is completely okay but if you can get rid of dark lips directly, you can feel home even without makeup.

Your habits, display to the rigid sun and even everyday carelessness results in dark shady lips. Those who smoke do not even want any other reason for the dark lips.

Well, how to get rid of dark lips without spending too much? Fine, here are some ways that can help you. Have a look at 7 Simple Lip Care Tips.

7 Simple Lip Care TipsHoney+Lemon

Mix 2 drops of lemon juice with two drops of honey and smear it on the lips & remain for one hour. This remedy can reduce tan and pigmentation if done various times a day for a few weeks.

Throw Away Allergic Cosmetics

If the beauty products that you have been using till know are not suiting your sensitive lips, throw them away.


Hydration is the key to healthy skin. Keep drinking water throughout the day.

Use Almond Oil

Every night massages your lips with a drop of almond oil.

Try Glycerin

Simply smear some glycerin to your lips every night while sleeping. It solves the issue of dry, dark lips.


Take a small piece of cucumber and rub it against your lips twice a day. It too can help make your lips soft. Share your ideas with us if you have any such lip remedies.

Use Beetroot

How to lighten the dark lips? Just clean a small piece of beetroot to the lips daily. It works best for dark lips.

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