6 Reasons For Snoring In Children

6 Reasons For Snoring In Children

6 Reasons For Snoring In Children

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Snoring is not a problem only of adults. It is seen in some children as well. According to the studies, around 20 percent of children snore without much serious health consequences. It is called chronic snoring. But snoring in some children can be due to associated health obstacles, which need attention.

There can be many causes of the snoring in children. Normally, children of 3 years or above have this problem. Medical professionals say that the sleep apnea due to this problem can affect child’s growth, both emotional & physical development.

Parents should see the reason behind snoring in their children. Some snoring can be because of the breathing problem or a sign of sleep. If the child has a breathing problem during snoring, you must consult the doctor. Snoring has caused due to the physical hindrance to the flow of air blown over mouth and nose.

Along with the distress of the sound of snoring in the children, there are some health risks connected with it. Some of them are difficulty in breathing, persistent waking up from sleep, obstructive apnea, & sleepless nights. 6 Reasons For Snoring In Children

Here we can discuss some of the causes of the snoring in children.

6 Reasons For Snoring In ChildrenInflamed Or Swollen Nasal Passages:

Normally, children with inflamed or swollen nasal passages have trouble in the breathing. It can occur when the child has some inflammation or allergies. The symptoms of swollen nasal passages are breathing into the mouth & noisy breathing.


Obesity has also connected with snoring in children due to enhanced fat around the neck. A recent study found that obesity can improve the rate of snoring. Childhood obesity is a severe health concern nowadays. Reducing the weight is significant.

Respiratory Disorders:

Snoring in children can also be due to some of the respiratory diseases. Children with asthma would have to snore. Children who snore often may have allergies, asthma, ear or throat infection. Consult the doctor at the early stage itself for the better treatment.

Nasal Congestion:

It is one of the causes of the snoring in children. Nasal congestions can cause allergies, chronic sinusitis or viral infections. Children with this intricacy try to breathe within the nose.

Enlarged Tonsils:

One of the reasons after snoring in children is increased tonsils. It can begin to severe difficulty in breathing & the noise produced during the sleep would be more. Parents must be careful when the child have tonsillitis & breathing difficulty. Better consult the doctor to avoid chronic conditions.


The discussion on the role of stress in snoring is remaining. No proven evidence shows that the children snore due to stress. But, it is found that children who have some behavioral problems do experience snoring. It can be another reason among some causes of the snoring in children. Do not overlook the snoring difficulty of the kids. Early diagnosis would help to get enough treatment at the right time.

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