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6 Food Tips For Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne

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During teenage, acne is the number one issue that we face. For some of us, acne is a reliable issue even after teenage.

Well, apart from all other skin care routines & tips that you should follow, you can simply make some of healthy food choices to start the fight with acne.

Beating the acne scars or marks is not just about buying good creams or other beauty products. You may require to alter the lifestyle a bit & make some healthy choices as far as the food is concerned.

Firstly, do not take the stress because the acne worsens when you are stressed out. Also, never miss the sleep as your skin does not get sufficient time to recover when you do not even sleep well.

If it is probable, workout frequently and see how it helps the skin. Stay away from insulin spiking food stuffs as skin experts suggest that they can improve the option of a breakout.

Now, let us discuss about some food tips for acne.

Eat Fish

The omega 3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation. The zinc present in the fish helps in 2 ways. It can optimise the hormonal release and also help in the absorption of Vitamin A.


It contains Vitamin E which helps the skin in certain ways. Also, the Vitamin C content can help in tumbling inflammation. This fruit is the natural moisturiser.

Drink Water

This is one of the simplest tips for acne free skin. Hydration is the key when combating acne. Drink water throughout the day to help the skin throw out toxins or unhealthy substances.

6 Food tips for acneEat Carrots

The beta carotene present in carrots helps the skin deal with acne. Even drinking carrot juice first thing in the day might also help.

Say No To Dairy

Those who suffer from acne are recommended to stay away from the dairy at least during teenage. The main reason why skin experts ask us to avoid milk is because of hormones in it.

Have Selenium

Garlic is the anti-inflammatory and it can also kill micro-organisms. Consume eggs, garlic & tuna. They are among the acne combating foods. The selenium content present in these food materials helps the skin combat acne well.

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