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5 ways to treat eczema in kids this winter

eczema is very common in kids & young adults and with this winter coldness slowly making their appearance felt, it is time to pull up the socks in case. Dermatologist, says, ‘Eczema is very common in winters particularly in kids. So if the child is at the prospect of eczema it is wise to carefully follow prudent measures to lower its severity. Though, if symptoms worsen, visit the dermatologist. Here are 5 ways to treat eczema in kids this winter from our expert to assist you out.

Natural ways to treat eczema

Stay hydrated:

One of the best & easy ways to keep the child’s skin hydrated is to make them drink at least eight glasses of water per day. And this would not be a simple task. Here are some tips to help you improve the kid’s water intake & keep them hydrated during winters. This would not only hydrate their skin but also cleanse out toxins or unwanted substances which lower the risk of suffering from other skin conditions. Read more 6 Reasons For Snoring In Children

Prefer clothes wisely:

Yes, when it comes to picking the right clothing for the kids you want to be more cautious. And nothing is better than cotton clothes to deal with the winter chills. Cotton clothes are not only mild on the skin but also keep the kid’s skin safe from allergens & resistance. If it is freezing cold outside, do not go for thermic or woollens directly. Rather, your first layer of clothing has to be cotton developed by thermals or woollens. Read on Facts About Eating Disorders In Children

Apply oil frequently:

Most of the people feel that an oil massage is the best plan to deal with eczema as it moisturises the skin & prevents dryness. Though, its strength does more harm than good to the skin as it does not provide moisture for the whole day giving skin more guide to dryness. Rather applying oil regularly (as the skin becomes dry) throughout the day is a good approach says. One can even choose skin creams or ointments to prevent itching & flaking of skin.

Best way to treat eczema

1 yr old babyEat healthily:

Counter to popular belief, food does not play a pivotal role in boosting or reducing the risk of eczema. But to stay keep the skin moisturised and enhance immunity during winters, eat the healthy & balanced diet. Also, assure that the kid eats seasonal fruits & vegetables to stay healthy. You may like Facts About Eating Disorders In Children

Never self-medicate:

Though steroids are the most generally guided medication to deal with eczema, in some cases they do not provide sufficient results. In such cases, consult the good dermatologist to change the prescription and ease itchy skin & inflammation. Read about Is Garlic Bread Good For Children?

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