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10 Foods to boost Immune System on Winter Season

Hey folks!! Winter season is coming it’s important to know what we can do to keep a strong immune system to stay healthy and avoid infections. In this article we described regarding on how to boost your immune system.

10 Best foods to boost immune system

1. Eat a balanced diet

To Boost your immune system you need many nutrients, like vitamins A, D and E, as well as minerals such as zinc to support your immune system. Focus on eating whole foods, such as quality whole grains, nuts and seeds, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Super foods such as bee pollen, mushroom, and micro algae can give you an extra boost to your immune system.

Try to avoid fried foods and soft drinks that will affect our immune system. Eating too much of them suppresses the immune system. By including balanced diet to your everyday diet regime foods that Boost Your Immune System in Winter Season.

2. Get ample of vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to build healthy and strong immune system .Fresh fruits and vegetables are our best sources of vitamin C, which help to strengthen our immune system and keep our body very healthy and strong. Immense food sources of vitamin C include berries, kiwi, and dark green vegetables.

Foods to boost Immune System3. Use herbs and spices

Generally fresh herbs and spices good for health. Make use of herbs and spices in Cooking. They contain special components which help to improve our resistant system.

4. Take plenty of water daily

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your health. So drink plenty of water daily. Purified Water facilitates the production of lymph, which contains white blood cells and other immune system cells. Water is one of the foods to boost immune system.

5. Drink green tea, chamomile tea daily

Just drink green tea and chamomile tea daily at least one time in a day that can help strengthen the immune system. Try to drink a couple cups of green tea with a small bit of raw honey early in the day, and then at night it will strengthen your immune system.

6. Do some easy Exercise

Exercising is not only a great way to get in shape, but it also makes your immune function very strong, improves sleep quality, and makes our body healthy and stronger. If you do not have any health conditions that prevent you from exercising, find the time to work out, even if it’s only a long walk!

7. Cook with olive and canola oils

Use olive and canola oils while cooking food. Those oils contain very fit fats, which can take action as a lubricant for immune cells. This lubricant improves elasticity and communication between the cells, that promotes immune function.

8. Think Zinc

Zinc acts as a great immune booster; zinc makes our immune system very strong. Zinc is found naturally in chicken, fish, eggs, and pumpkin seeds. This is one of the way or method to including zinc food to your diet on how to boost immune system.

9. Meditation

Are you worried about your immune system and don’t know how to boost immune system then this is your good choice. Meditation ! Doing meditation improves sleep, and boosts your immune system; Meditation need not be nerve-racking – just relax and strive to quiet your mind for 10-15 minutes a day.

10. Surround yourself with Loved Ones

Having healthy and strong relationships has been proven to boost your immune system physically and mentally. Several studies support the idea that people who feel connected to friends or family members have a stronger immunity than those who feel alone.

In this article, we have clearly explained about  how to boost your immune system by adding some of the foods to your diet regime.

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