Yummy chocolate scrub for younger-looking skin

chocolate scrub, younger skin, glowing skin

Your skin requires its share of pampering and exfoliation to keep your skin looking younger. You might want to start to expensive salons to fulfil this skincare requirement but we give you an easier and reasonable option which would relieve your skin of dead skin cells. This tempting scrub of cocoa powder with the few drops of lemon juice or rose water and oatmeal promises clear and glowing skin so here is yummy chocolate scrub for younger-looking skin for you.

Cocoa powder is rich in the antioxidants, improves collagen production in the skin, moisturises and restores skin’s glow. Additionally, oats have anti-inflammatory properties that help exfoliate and cleanse skin thoroughly. A few drops of lemon could undertake the stubborn blackheads and soothe the skin as well. You could also use the rosewater instead of lemon juice. This natural astringent provides immediate relief from under-eye puffiness, prevents the skin from drooping and is an effectual remedy for blemishes and pimples. You also could try these other amazing chocolate face and body packs at home.

Steps to prepare paste:

  • Take the cocoa powder depending on areas you wish to apply the scrub and add rosewater or lemon juice, if you have oily skin to it.chocolate scrub, younger skin, glowing skin
  • Add some ground oats to mixture.
  • You could add some raw sugar and honey too.
  • As you blend in all these ingredients, ensure mixture is semi-solid in form.
  • Scrub the face, knees and elbows in the circular motions.
  • After some time rinse with lukewarm water. Pat to dry
  • Apply regularly until you see better results.

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