Whether one goes in for a traditional surrogacy or a gestational surrogacy, one will certainly need to choose well-equipped surrogacy clinic to be able to effectively complete the medical process. One has to be very cautious about a surrogate pregnancy and be comfortable with the medical processes that go into it. Naturally, one should be well informed to choose the right type of surrogate clinic so that patient feels that he or she is in the best hands.

Fortunately, in most of the surrogate cases, the intended parents will indeed already have a relationship with a fertility clinic before pursuing the surrogacy process. These couples have to work with surrogate clinics in order for the success of the medical process for surrogacy pregnancy. Many couples find it difficult to comprehend a surrogacy clinic and naturally it is important that they are made aware of what a surrogacy clinic entails.

What sort of questions arises in the mind of the surrogacy couple?

• What exactly does the clinic provide?
• Why is the process so much involved?
• How does one find the right surrogacy clinic?

What Services Does a Surrogacy Clinic Offer?

Many fertility clinics also operate as surrogacy clinics. These medical professionals do help intended parents to diagnose their fertility problems and offer fertility treatments, like in vitro fertilization. When couples prefer to try out other means apart from the existing methods, these fertility clinics can usually help them to complete a surrogacy process as well.

WHAT IS A SURROGACY CLINIC, AND HOW DO YOU CHOOSE ONE?Let us have look at the medical processes of a surrogacy clinic:

• Early medical screening: This is essential to ascertain to ensure that the intended patient is well prepared for the process of surrogacy. Such tests are essential to ensure a healthy embryo. Some of the surrogacy clinics do offer psychological testing during this time, as well.

• Gamete retrieval and IVF process: After the intended parents and surrogates are of course medically cleared for the surrogacy process, a surrogacy clinic will then be in and also to guide them through the in vitro fertilization process. This process includes preparing the intended mother for egg harvesting, syncing up her cycle with the surrogates for a successful IVF transfer and more.

• Pregnancy testing: Once the embryo has been transferred to the surrogate’s uterus, the surrogacy clinic will be tested for her blood and hormone levels in order to confirm a pregnancy with a more in-depth process than at-home pregnancy tests can provide.

How Do I Find a Surrogacy Clinic?

In many surrogacy journeys, the process of finding a surrogacy clinic is completed before a match is even made. Many intended parents already have an existing relationship with a fertility clinic who will serve as their surrogacy clinic on this new path to parenthood.

In case, one has not been able to come across a surrogate clinic then one can avail the services of surrogate professional. One can come to know about surrogacy clinics via a surrogacy agency.

What is there to know about a surrogacy clinic?

• One should have access to a perfectly operating surrogacy clinic.
• Proficiency must be there in the conducting of the tests.
• Ambiance must be relaxed and professional.

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