How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blackheads

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blackheads
How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blackheads

Most of you will be surfing to get the result on how the hydrogen peroxide to remove blackheads really works. When the pores in the skin clog with oil and oxidizes, then it causes blackheads. This turns the skin into brownish or blackish. There are many products and natural remedies to remove these oil clogs. Some feel frustrated when they see blackheads on their faces. They will be struggling hard to remove the blackheads and here you can find one such remedy to remove the blackheads from your skin. You do not know how to remove blackheads using hydrogen peroxide, then read this article to find a solution.

Methods to use hydrogen peroxide to remove blackheads

In order to use the hydrogen peroxide to remove blackheads, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Before treating the blackheads, it becomes essential to remove the impurities, dirt, excess oil and bacteria from your face. To remove it, wash your face using a gentle cleanser. Pat dry using a soft or cotton towel.

Step 2: Once cleansing is done, it times to exfoliate. Use a homemade scrub or your favorite scrub in order to exfoliate the skin. Rinse your face after exfoliating and pat dry.

Step 3: Now comes into the picture which is the main step in the process of removing blackheads. Take a small ball of cotton and dip it in a 3% hydrogen peroxide. Wipe it over the blackhead area gently, make sure you avoid hairline and eyebrows as hydrogen peroxide has a bleaching property.

Step 4: While your skin is damp, apply one teaspoon of avocado oil or jojoba oil or olive oil properly. Applying this oil will act like an emollient by protecting and smoothening the skin. The peroxide will dissolve the blackheads and remove it completely. Even the scars of blackheads can be faded with the aid of hydrogen peroxide.

A few tips to remember while using hydrogen peroxide to remove blackheads

1. Sometimes you may tend to over-exfoliate your skin to remove the stubborn blackheads. This will irritate your skin and eliminates the stratum corneum than required.

2. Some peoples’ skin may be very sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. In that case, use lemon juice instead of hydrogen peroxide. Lemon juice is also helpful in fading the pimple and blackhead scars.

3. If you prefer a homemade scrub, then you can use a sugar scrub. As sugar scrub contains alpha-hydroxy acids and acts as humectants.

4. Avoid the eye region while using the solution of hydrogen peroxide as it may cause irritation to your eyes. Rinse with water when your eyes come in contact with hydrogen peroxide. If you scrub your skin twice a week, then re-appearance of blackheads can be prevented to the maximum extent.

5. Always prefer the mild face products as they provide a soothing effect to your skin if you have sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Harsh products usage to the sensitive skin may have an adverse effect to the skin and worsen the situation.

By using the above methods and tips to use the hydrogen peroxide, you can get rid of blackheads easily sitting in the vicinity of your home.

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