Top 8 health benefits of coconut

Top 8 health benefits of coconut

Suitably titled as kalpa vriksha, the coconut tree provides the nutritious source of food and drink such as fruit the inner fleshy part also known as coconut meat, milk and oil which are lengthily used in Indian cookery.  Although this functional food has been widely used in the traditional medicine, its wonderful benefits have been recently unlocked. Here are eight health benefits of coconut are great for you.

Benefits of coconut water

It is good for heart

Being low in sodium and high in potassium, coconut is an excellent food for the people suffering from the high blood pressure. As coconuts contain no trans fats and are gluten-free, they are loaded with the high amounts of dietary fibre, and are good for your heart. Coconuts not only enhance the cholesterol ratio in the body, but also protects your arteries from damage.

It helps in weight management

Coconuts are rich in the fibre and low in calories which means that they make you full faster, and in turn beat hunger pangs. It also increases your metabolic rate thereby promoting weight loss. They not only prevent obesity but also its related health complications.

It helps in better blood sugar control

The presence of fibre in the coconut slows down the release of glucose into bloodstream which in turn lowers the blood sugar levels and controls other complications caused due to diabetes. Apart from that, they also help reduce the amount of strain on the pancreas, helping them function optimally. Read about 10 ways to control diabetes naturally

It protects against infection

Coconuts are loaded with a numerous of healthy nutrients which enhances immunity and keeps diseases at bay. It also has an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help to protect you from a wide range of infections and support your overall immune functions. Read about 5 amazing tips to improve your immunity

It improves the digestion

Most of us are unaware of fact that coconut is an excellent source of good fats MCTs – medium chain triglycerides which are beneficial for people with the digestion problems. It also enhances bowel movement and digestion in addition to helping in nutrient absorption.

It prevents from skin infection

The application of coconut oil or milk topically helps in shielding the skin from various infections in an addition to fighting symptoms of skin infections like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. It acts as a natural aid to prevent sagging skin, age spots and wrinkles along with softening your skin. Coconut not only helps maintain the chemical balance of your skin but also provides protection against harmful UV rays. Read about tips to manage common skin problems in teens

It promotes the hair growth

Coconuts and their by-products are undoubtedly the best natural aids when it comes to promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. As coconut milk is loaded with a wide range of healthy nutrients, using it on a regular basis reduces hair loss and hair breakage. Also, applying or massaging coconut oil to your scalp makes your hair strong in addition to controlling dandruff and promoting hair growth.

It gives your energy levels a boost

In case you are feeling tired or stressed out, have a few pieces of coconut to boost your energy levels naturally. It is one of the best nutritional sources of instant energy that improve physical endurance as well as athletic performance. Coconut also helps in relieving symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome in addition to providing extra energy.

Coconut is powerhouse of an essential nutrients like vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals providing the wide range of health benefits. Have and enjoy its benefits

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