Top 7 herbs to cure asthma

Top 7 herbs to cure asthma

Top 7 herbs to cure asthma

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Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that strikes the air passages. When the person suffers from asthma, they find difficulty in breathing, feel suffocated & clogged.

Today, we are sharing the top 7 herbs to cure asthma. Asthma is a disease that cannot heal completely but it can have defeated with treatments & procedures. A person suffering from asthma requires to be very careful about their allergies as it can trigger any moment.

Inhaling smoke & tobacco or due to obesity, stress, trouble or even heredity play a crucial role in this fatal disease. Allergies to some foods like peanuts, fish, or eggs can trigger it as well.

To get it under control you require adding few ingredients in the diet to contain this disease. Check out herbs that are best to manage asthma in this post today. Read on to know more.

Top 7 herbs to cure asthmaClove

Boil few cloves in water along with the honey. Drink this mixture at least twice in a day to quell this disease. It is the best herb to regulate asthma.


Eat figs daily to suppress asthma. For best results soak some dried figs in water & consume.

Mustard Oil

Make the mixture of mustard oil & camphor in equal quantities. Apply this oil on the chest & massage. It gives you immediate cure asthma. Note: Make sure an oil is warm before you apply.


Honey is the best natural treatment for asthma. Drink the glass of warm water along with the spoon of honey mixed. It not only helps to decrease weight but also gives relief from asthma.

Eucalyptus Oil

Inhale the bristles of eucalyptus oil from the steamer. The steam helps to open up the nasal portions & air passages, making it easy to breath.


Consume onions in the large amount as it helps in gaining relief from asthma. With the anti-inflammatory properties present in the onions, it helps in opening the air passages.


Amla is one of the best solutions to cure asthma. Crush few gooseberries and add some honey to the juice of the fruit. Drinking this mixture helps to improve the immunity, and it gives you relief from asthma.

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