Top 6 Natural Home Remedies To Cure Fever

Home Remedies To Cure Fever

Fever is not a sickness; it is our body’s protection against infection. If body temperature is more than 98.6f, then it will be known to suffer from fever. Fever does not cause any substantial harm to the human body until it beats (104ºF). Usually, if a person is physically active, then that fever will not last for more than 3/4 days. So in most of the cases, without using any medicine, one can reduce the fever. But it ensures a long time then one should consult the doctor. Various home remedies have suggested for fever through which one can treat illness at home.

Below are few Natural Ways To Cure Fever:

Take A Bath In the Cold Water

This approach may make feel exceptional as how cold water can cure the fever, but this is the real way which indeed works for the curing of the fever. If your body has high temperatures and feels feverish, then take the bath in cold water. One can rest in a tub of water for some time and allow your skin to get assumed by the cold splash of water. Relax in the tub full of fresh water. Soaking you’re the body in the cold water might aid you to calm your body. Also, one can leave a cold cloth on the forehead for some time. It will get evaporate, & you will feel much comfort.

Remove Extreme Amounts Of Clothes

Wearing too many clothes might prevent the body heat to pass through the body. It will aid the fever to persist for a longer time. So eliminate all unnecessary clothes & take the minimum. Only use the blanket to face the chills. It might make the immune capacity stronger. You might feel this remedy not so great, but this gives you a positive result when you follow this method.

Stay Indoors & Take more Rest

During the time of fever, the body requires maximum rest as it is fighting to reduce any disease. At this time, the body needs more energy so that it can automatically get healed. When you have a fever, lie down or sleep in bed as much as you wish. Cut down the regular activities & stop going out from home to avoid any additional infection. Stay indoors through this time. Support this process until you are free from the fever.

Home Remedies To Cure FeverTake Liquid Diet

During heat, it is enough to stay away from nutritional dense food as bacteria present in the Nutrients in particular types of foods which causes fever. Instead, Eat few fruits which are rich sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to decrease temperature. By taking only fruits will aid to reduce the temperature of the body & thus lowers the outcome of fever.

Stay Hydrated.

It is necessary to stay hydrated when you are suffering from fever. Take maximum amounts of water as the body requires liquids in bulk to fight back the sickness. So if you are dieting, consume water at regular intervals. And also take juice to increase the number of liquids in the body and as a result, it aids in reducing the body heat.

Drink Herbal Teas

Some herbs are well known to inhibit fever such as peppermint, lemon peel, strange effects of apple cider vinegar. Have any of these herbs or the mixture of them & mix it with honey to have the better taste. Take them in a cup during the day. You can make basil tea also by combining some leaves of tulsi or basil with pepper & water. Boil it in fine for some minutes & strain it out to eat it.

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