Top 6 Amazing Hand Care Tips

Top 6 Amazing Hand Care Tips

The below infographic shows the Top 6 Amazing Hand Care Tips For your healthy Hands.

Top 6 Amazing Hand Care Tips

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Top 6 Hand Care Tips:

Hands Are Different:

The skin on your hands is much thicker than the skin on rest of your body. This is the reason hands to effect from climate change. Because of this hands may take more work to keep moisturized.


weather plays a main a role in how your hands are going to feel. Some people feel the effects more than others. However, we all feel it. Use gloves when you are washing dishes, gardening and any other kind of work for protecting your skin.


when you are washing hands don’t use hot water because it dries your skin. When you wash your hands, remember that you wash your hands in lukewarm water all year round. Too hot water or too cold water tends to damage the skin. Never use normal dish soap because it is harsh on the skin and it also dries the skin easily.

Soap Ingredients:

Scrub your hands at least twice a week with a better exfoliating agent to get rid of any dry and dead skin. No time to buy one? Make one at home. Take a teaspoon each of fine sugar and olive oil and combined it well with the juice of half a lime. If you want to try something different, add one drop of your favorite EO and you are done! You have your homemade exfoliating scrub ready.


Massage your hands at night for at least five minutes to let the goodness of the moisturizer soak in. For very rough hands, mix your moisturizer with a bit of Vaseline so that they are protected all through the night.

Nail Care:

When you paint your nails, always use a base coat so that your nails are not stained. Using a base coat will also help the nail polish last longer.

These are the best hand care tips for your healthy hands. By following the above tips protect your hands from weather change and from all.

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