Top 5 Lingonberry Substitutes

Top 5 Lingonberry Substitutes

Popular in jams, sauces, and other recipes, lingonberry can be a bit hard to replace because of its unique taste. But here we have curated a list of the closest lingonberry substitutes for one to add to one’s recipes.

So do not worry as one will not find it difficult to get hold of substitutes for lingonberry. The latter is indeed available in one’s kitchen or local grocery store, and these substitutes are at one’s disposal.

Lingonberry jam is indeed delicious and does go well with many dishes, both hot dishes as well as desserts as well as pastries. But sometimes one may crave something else than lingonberry jam but still, get that Scandinavian touch.

One can definitely have tasty dishes made up of lingonberry substitutes although no doubt one would relish having lingonberry itself. There are times one has to go in for substitutes as the actual product may not be available.

What can one substitute the lingonberry jam with?

There are indeed several options that fit well as lingonberry jam substitutes. In fact, one will not have to sacrifice on Scandinavian taste. Obviously, one would like to opt for such substitutes.

There are several alternatives: Benefits of Cranberry juice, raw-stirred lingonberries, apple sauce, currant jam, pickled lingonberries, lingonberries in syrup, rowan berry jam, pomegranate molasses, Cloudberry Jam + the bonuses apples and grated carrots. There are recipes for each of them.

Some do opt for a homemade cranberry sauce recipe after reading several Hirschgulasch posts. Europeans do make use of lingonberry preserves for such a recipe, but cooks in the US can indeed substitute cranberry sauce if they cannot find the lingonberries.

Europeans do make use of lingonberry preserves for such a recipe, but cooks in the US can also substitute cranberry sauce if they cannot find the lingonberries.

Lingonberry Substitutes

The best lingonberry substitutes do include cranberry, cowberry, red currant, pomegranate molasses, cloudberry as well as more.


The closest substitute of lingonberry, cranberry does belong to the same family as lingonberry. One can also make cranberry sauce to replace lingonberry preserve in various dishes including duck breasts as well as more. It does the same tart and sweet taste to one’s dish.

Pomegranate Molasses

Another substitute for lingonberry can be pomegranate molasses as it does give the same tart flavor to one’s dish.

There are some other less popular substitutes for lingonberry, these include the following:

• Cowberry
• Red currant
• Cloudberry

Top 5 Lingonberry SubstitutesConclusion

Lingonberry is very tasty as well as delicious and there are substitutes as well which are equally tasty. One can go in for these substitutes while thus preparing several dishes of lingonberry.

One would like to have a tasty lingonberry dish but in case that is not possible then one can go in for several kinds of substitutes which are also equally tasty.

Try well with lingonberry substitutes and prepare delicious dishes for the guests. One need not worry about the taste. The guests will simply have a gala time!

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