Top 10 Sikku Kolam Designs To Try In 2018

Top 10 Sikku Kolam Designs To Try In 2018

Sikku kolams are quite popular forms of kolam. These kolams, popularly known as rangolis with dots, are very diverse in their format. Sikku kolam is also a form of Rangoli that is based on the dot grid technique. However, this technique depicts curved lines joining or circling the dots on the kolam grid. The main feature of sikku kolam designs is that the viewer cannot determine the origin and the end point of the kolam design. It appears as if the pattern continues in an infinity loop pattern. Thus, it is quite a difficult form of kolam. The designs are usually done using powdered rice or colored powder, using the hands. The grid of dots plays an important part in creating this symmetrical Rangoli design.

Sikku kolam designs or Rangolis with dots for to try in 2018:

  1. Sikku kolams are rather complex in nature, and also trained hands can do them perfectly. They are simple designs that are diamond in shape. The dot grid is indeed diamond in shape and has curved lines have been used in order to create the beautiful Sikku kolam design
  2. This is a very common shape of Rangoli. It is a little different from the commonly used diamond shape; nevertheless, it is also equally beautiful. The corners have indeed two dots which do gradually increase to sixteen in number in the middle. The pattern of course is quite simple and not at all too crowded. The infinity loop pattern is rather evident here.
  3.  The pattern of the dots is to extend from two dots on the top to about eight dots in the middle. The design is rather simple with quite a modern touch. This design is small and also easy for beginners to try.
  4. In this pattern a 4×4 kolam grid has been drawn in the center and the same pattern has also been repeated on four sides to complete this design. The 4×4 design was indeed done on all the sides of the Rangoli and the butterfly design was rather drawn making use of simple curved lines. This design is rather easy for beginners and they can make also make big kolam designs with the same given pattern.
  5. This Rangoli pattern actually resembles a ‘Chakra’ or the sun. The design is rather unique and is indeed different from regular sikku kolams. The pattern is of course based on the dot grid with eight sides and also meets at the centre. The design is quite complicated with a complex dot grid.
  6. Top 10 Sikku Kolam Designs To Try In 2018 This design is rather based on a simple dot grid with 1-11 dots which are diamond-shaped. The grid is decorated with symmetrical curved lines which do join in order to create this design. The grid here does use dots which are in line i.e. straight dots, thus making it easy to create and also make use of.
  7.  This kolam design makes use of a 1-13 diamond-shaped dot grid having rows of odd numbered dots. The infinity loop pattern is thus created, much based on the dot grid that indeed looks beautiful with curved lines.
  8. This design makes use of a diamond-shaped 10-4 dot grid. The design is a Neer Pulli design, and also uses simple curved designs in order to create the effect. The ends do depict floral motifs which are rather filled with color.
  9. This is a colorful Sikku kolam that makes use of curved lines of different colors together in order to create an attractive design. This design is rather big and also good substitute for the usual, dull one-colored kolam. Green, blue as well as red-colored curved lines are made use of for the drawing rather than the usual white-colored lines.
  10. This design is rather big in size and is based on a grid of 1-13 dots. The dots are not parallel and are in fact haphazardly numbered. It is easy design and unique and new as well. But, the pattern is easy and can be done by beginners too.

One can try out these kolam designs this coming festive season.


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