Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer

Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer

Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer

Height is something which attracts attention from all quarters of life. Every person wants to be of ideal height and look smart. Sadly, some are affected by genetic factors while some others by poor diet. Most invest time in exercises for increasing height but do not take needed care in other equally important factors like things listed below which play a very important role in proper bodily growth.

Gaining height is possible even after puberty but can be really trying as it is not as easy as getting fit. Following are some important things you should consider following to attain the height you have always dreamed of. Though following these may not guarantee your target height, but can sure help you gain some height and also some confidence about your overall appearance.

Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer

The Follow are the Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer

Do Height Increasing Exercises

Height increasing exercises are sure to help in gaining few extra inches. Try doing the following exercises on a daily basis,

  • Simple hanging exercise can aid in your effort to increase your height. Try hanging from a horizontal rod with the help of your hands and hold for 20 seconds and repeat for sometime. As your body hangs freely, it lets your joints, spine and cartilages to relax by defying gravity. This exercise can increase your height by 1-2 inches.
  • Pelvic Shift Exercise
  • Alternate Leg Kick Exercise

Eat A Well Balanced Diet

  • Food plays an important role in increasing your height. Proper nutrition is required for meeting the needs of a growing body.
  • Make sure you get your requirement of vitamin D, minerals, Zinc, proteins and calcium.
  • Jog in the early morning sunlight as it is the best natural source of Vitamin D
  • A well balanced diet is of prime importance if you want to increase your height.

How to Maintain Balanced Diet for a Healthy Life

Do Yoga

Yoga and some breathing exercises can aid in naturally increasing your height. Following yoga postures can help in height gain.

  • Trikonaasana or Triangle pose – Improves balance and posture of the body
  • Sukhaasana – Tones lower back and hips
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Talaasana – Strengthens arms, legs and spine.
  • Adhomukha Savaasana – Increases bloodflow to face and neck

Sleep Well Every Day

  • Getting adequate sleep also plays a major role in your overall growth and development.
  • As body grows and regenerates during sleep, proper sleep pattern is important to gain height.
  • Most importantly, growth hormone is produced during sleep. So, a minimum of 7 hours of sleep is essential to increase your height.

Maintain Correct Posture

  • Maintaining a correct posture is essential as it helps in increasing your height.
  • Do not bend or slouch during standing or sitting and always make sure your keep your head & neck aligned and shoulders straight.
  • Bad posture causes your spinal cord to suppress height. Proper posture relaxes your muscles and hence helps in gaining height.

Refrain from Alcohol and Smoking

  • Alcohol and smoking, along with posing health risks also suppresses growth in people.
  • Avoid having these to promote height gain

Keeping yourself active is important. Indulging in sports and activities also helps in increasing your height. It is also important to make sure that no medical condition is responsible for your stagnant height. Visit your doctor to rule out any and invest your time in regular exercise to make your height gain wish a reality! All the best.

The above are the Tips For Increasing Your Height Naturally This Summer.

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